LUSH 9 To 5 Liquid Cleanser

lush 9to5

                                  I am in love with this stuff. I just used the last bit of it left in my bottle this morning so I’m officially in a funk. Just kidding, well sort of. This was a great product for [...]

LUSH Helping Hands, Pied De Pepper, and Smitten

lush helping hands

I got a bunch of LUSH goodies last summer and I’ve been using them for months so I thought I’d tell you about them before I have nothing left in the little black pots to show you! LUSH Helping Hands ($18.95 for 3.5oz.) is a nice yet unbelievably expensive hand cream. There are some great [...]

Lush Ultra Bland

lush ultra bland

My first mistake was realizing that this was best for normal to dry skin after I started using it. But since I am a combination skin girl I figured that this would be okay for me to use during the winter. My face except for my t-zone is really dry during the winter so it [...]