Mac’s Surf Baby Collection

Mac Surf Baby

                    Are you looking forward to this collection from Mac Cosmetics due out May 26th? I am getting a little more into it as time goes on. This is the product that started the fever…   My Paradise Coral ($18.50)             [...]

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Quite the Thing!

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Quite the Thing!

        Quite the Thing! Lipstick ($14.50)       Earlier this month Mac Cosmetics came out with a new collection of lipsticks. I have a lot of Mac lipstick and was wary of this “new” formula. Since this new formula was supposed to be moisturizing but not tacky I was willing to [...]

Mac Quite Cute Collection Countdown!

Jinx in the Sunroom

            Jinx waiting patiently for the latest Mac collection to come out…..   I thought I’d skip the pictures of the collection just because they might be burned into your head just like mine. Are you ready for this Mac sweet as candy collection? I am! Since the pictures first [...]