Last Call: Mally Ginormous Mascara Giveaway

mally ginormous mascara

Click here to see the original post and enter to win! I’ve been using my own tube of Ginormous mascara (pictured below) and it’s giving me some seriously long and full lashes!                  

Mally Ginormous Mascara Giveaway!

mally ginormous mascara

                I showed my new Mally Ginormous Mascara in a recent haul video. I got a duo set of Ginormous Mascara’s from QVC (retail for both mascara’s-$27.36) and I have just started testing my tube but I would love to give one of you guys a chance to [...]

Deal Alert: Ulta/Bare Minerals Mascara One Day Sale!

bare minerals mascara

Today only at Ulta (you can order online also!) you can pick up Bare Minerals mascaras for $9 instead of the regular $18 per tube. I have never tried any of their mascaras but I am up for trying them at 50% off thats for sure! It’s a one day thing so check it out [...]

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

maybelline great lash lots of lashes mascara

I talked about my love for this mascara in a recent video but a bunch of you guys wanted pics so here we go!                 The packaging looks too much like the original for my tastes but the brush is kind of amazing! I love thick fake volumized [...]