Clean Skin

clean skin bottle

I’m a big fan of Clean fragrances. I have seven of them! They are addictive because they are so fresh and light and never overpowering. I highly recommend them if you like smelling like you just stepped out of the shower. That’s the best way that I can describe the scents that I have so [...]

Burberry Body Perfume

burberry body

A few of you asked me how to get a free sample of the new Burberry scent called Body. It’s through Burberry’s Facebook page, click here for the link to it!

Joy by Jean Patou


This is a beautiful fragrance. It’s one of the special ones in my small perfume collection. I coveted this fragrance for years and finally I got it last December. It was such a great purchase because it was on my honeymoon! We ok to be honest I went a little nuts in one of those [...]

Clinique Happiness On The Spot

clinique happiness on the spot

                          This is so cute. It’s a limited edition trio of one of my favorite scents (times 3) in stick form. What a great idea for summer. I really think this would be great to carry for touch ups on the go. All [...]

Clean Summer Escape

clean summer escape

                          I love Clean fragrances. I have seven of them. Kind of ridiculous I know but they smell so good. If you want a scent that isn’t overpowering they make one that you’ll love. I usually go for the fruit and flowery but [...]