Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose (LE)


                I got really excited when I saw this on the Sephora website. I prefer to smell like a flower or fruit bomb pretty much in my everyday life. It’s true those are the scents that I am drawn to. Lily, Rose, Gardinia…I’m all about that! I smelled [...]

Escada’s Collector’s Edition Coffret

escada set

                    Escada fragrances….I love em! I was really excited when I saw this limited edition set of five scents at Sephora. I am not crazy about the amount in these mini’s (.13 oz. each) but the different scents are exciting. Included are Taj Sunset, Sunset Heat, [...]

Jennifer Aniston Perfume

jennifer aniston perfume 1

                          I really like this perfume. I wanted to write it off as just another celeb scent. Some are good, most in my experience are bad! But I have been surprised before. I loved Beyonce’s Heat. I didn’t buy it, but I respect [...]

Calvin Klein Beauty

ck beauty 2

                                Have you smelled this yet? If no, please go smell it at a department store near you and get back to me…it’s ok I’ll wait….. WOW! Good huh? Just kidding. I got to test this out at the end [...]

Clinique Happy In Bloom Limited Edition

clinique happy in bloom LE

      1 oz. $32 at Sephora         I love ALL of the versions of Clinique’s fragrance Happy. I have the original Happy. It’s a nice blend of orange and flowery goodness. I also have Happy Heart. It’s still really flowery but a little more earthy and slightly woodsy and fresh. [...]