Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish Midnight Blue

rimmel lasting finish pro midnight blue #420

I have a thing about blue…nail polish that is! I saw this color at my local drugstore and I haven’t tried any Rimmel nail polish so I thought why not? Right on the front of the bottle it says “up to 10 days”. I don’t keep polish on my natural nails that long, but I [...]

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener #200 Straight Laced

rimmel eye glistener eyeful straight laced

Do you ever want to try something different? Just go out on a limb and try something that looks a little strange or space age but might just be fantastic? Well let me introduce you to Rimmel’s Eyeful Eye Glisteners…. This product is hard to describe. It is a creamy sheer eye pencil. It can be used [...]