Butter London & Zoya On Sale!


Butter London is on sale 30% off till 6/17, I highly recommend Disco Biscuit, and my two favorites to mix The Black Knight & Tarte with a Heart. Zoya is on sale also till 6/16, buy any color from the Summer Flashback page and get one free!

NOTD: Zoya Zuza Nail Polish

zoya zuza

Another pretty color for the Summer!                 I got Zuza from my May GLOSSYBOX. It’s such a pretty shimmery teal. I love it. I used a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. Honestly this shade looked great after one coat so if you are [...]

NOTD: Revlon Knockout + Zoya Maisie

revlon knockout and zoya maisie

Zoya’s Maisie is something else! Take a look at this freakish nail goodness.                 I did a base coat, two coats of Revlon’s Knockout (I could have done one really) and then Zoya’s Maisie. Oh and a top coat. Anywho…amazing isn’t it? Mostly it looks green in the [...]

This Just In: Lots of Pretty Polish

sparitual off the grid and meditate on this nail polish

                SpaRitual Off the Grid (left) and Meditate on This-I’m so excited that this brand is at Sephora now! I picked these two colors up in the store and since I’ve never tried the brand I can’t wait to try these colors.             [...]

NOTD: Zoya Pippa w/Nubar Black Polka Dot

zoya pippa and nubar black polka dot

Zoya Pippa and Nubar Black Polka Dot Nail Polish I was feeling a little cold and hating on winter so I decided to do a really fun Spring like manicure. I got Zoya’s Pippa recently from Ulta’s discount bowl recently. It was $3.99 and the Nubar Black Polka Dot came out a while ago but [...]

This Just In: Zoya Colors for $3.99 at Ulta!

zoya ali pippa america and lolly nail polish

Ali, Pippa, America, and Lolly Nail Polishes At Ulta this morning they had a bunch of Zoya, OPI, and Revlon polishes up for grabs at a discount. They had so many pretty colors, check your Ulta maybe they have a bunch of colors on sale also. The Revlon polishes were $2 but the Zoya and [...]