Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster







$24 each at Sephora


These are so cute. They look like a grownup girl’s version of Crayolas! There are six different shades. I swatched Pouty a beautiful berry color at Sephora and got hooked. I was amazed at how glossy this product is and the color Pouty is really pigmented. I had to do a little more research before getting this though. I was worried because there are so many of those crazy colored balms out now. You know the ones with the color on one end and the balm in the other? I know that won’t work for my lips. My lips need moisture and will turn on me if they don’t get it! This had so much moisture in it when I swatched it that I had to find out what the deal was.

This gloss is supposed to increase the moisture in your lips by ridiculous numbers. I couldn’t believe it when I read how much they were claiming. They also smell and taste minty. What don’t these grownup Crayolas do?

There are six colors and the red might be worth a swatch to me but I know I want Pouty! If only they were $5!

Have you tried a Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster? Do tell!

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