Tarte Special Edition Holiday 4-pc Amazonian Clay Blush Set

Tarte Special Edition Holiday 4-pc Amazonian Clay Blush Set, $29.12 on QVC

I wasn’t fast enough posting this one! It’s sold out on the QVC website already. Everyone loves Tarte blushes so I guess that was bound to happen. These aren’t full size blushes but there is a lot packed in these containers. And the price was right. A full size blush is $26 so four smaller ones for $29? Well I couldn’t order this fast enough!

If you see this up on the QVC site that means they got more and thats great. I hope that’s what happens because this set is amazing.

From the QVC website:

What is it: A set of four bite-sized Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes–perfect for the tartelette dashing through her day.

Who is it for: Women who love tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes and crave four brand-new shades–or anyone who wants to try them for the first time!

Why is it different: Get cheeky this season with a dashing wardrobe of four Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes. Whether you treat yourself or share them with friends, this colorful set is sure to leave any tartelette blushing all year round!

How do I use it: Swirl a blush brush in the blush (not included) and tap to remove excess. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and sweep along the cheekbones to blend.


  • 0.053-oz deluxe sample-sized Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Honored, a nude rose shade
  • 0.053-oz deluxe sample-sized Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Imagined, a candy pink shade
  • 0.053-oz deluxe sample-sized Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Treasured, a melon shade
  • 0.053-oz deluxe sample-sized Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Meaningful, a pink cherry shade

Here are some swatches of these pretty blushes! Click on a picture to make it larger.








Honored, Imagined, Meaningful, and Treasured









Honored, Imagined, Meaningful, and Treasured

Do you love Tarte blushes? If you haven’t tried any yet put picking one up on your list. They are beautifully pigmented and look so natural on the cheeks. I think Meaningful is the shade I’m going to end up using the most. Thats the ONE. Don’t be afraid to mix things up though. Tarte blushes are perfect for mixing. Take two or three colors and mix them on your cheeks and you’ve got your own personalized shade.

Have you tried any of the Tarte blushes yet? Do tell!


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  1. Delinda says

    Hey Crystal! I was able to get this set. I love meaningful! It my first time using their blush. Now I’m gonna place my order for Nars. Also, becca.com has 20% off too. I ordered sienna matte foundation and primer. Excited!!!

    • says

      I’m so glad you got it! Meaningful is so beautiful. Thats a great deal on Becca, I hope you love everything. My review on the Becca foundation in the Chopping Block Reviews goes up on YT tomorrow its a thumbs up. Thats good stuff!

  2. Tasha says

    I’m soooo upset! I finally placed my order about two weeks ago but I got waitlisted on QVC. I really want this but I got a bad feeling it’s too late.

  3. Tasha says

    Crystal, I decided to cancel my QVC wait list and order the Leave Her Blushing set (3 mini blushes, 1 blush brush) from Tarte instead. I was so worried I wouldn’t get it and also miss out on the set on Tarte. I decided to make sure I got something. I’m new to Tarte and I really wanted to try the blush. Oh, I did get the Tarte powder foundation you recommended from QVC so I could get the brush too : )

  4. ShawnTina says

    I bought these too and I really like them! It’s a great way to sample the Tarte line of blushes. The colors look really close to the Tarte’s regular full size line of blushes.

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