(Closed)TGIF Giveaway: NYX Runway Collection and Urban Decay Cream Shadows

I showed you guys the NYX Runway Collection Palette that I got recently and I got one for you guys too! Along with three Urban Decay Cream shadows this will be a great treat for you eyes.









NYX Runway Collection and Urban Decay Cream Shadows in Delinquent, Mushroom, and Asphalt

Enter to WIN, this giveaway is open to EVERYONE!

Giveaway ends on November 4th!


1- Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know what your favorite Halloween candy/treat is!

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

2- One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on November 5th by email!

*I approve comments manually so if you don’t see your entry right away that’s why!

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  1. Jordan says

    My favorite halloween candy is either candy corn pumpkins or mini kit kats. But I love all candy :-) Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Sherry B. says

    Like almost everyone else said, I love most types of candy, but my favorite for Halloween is candy corn. Come on, it’s the only time of the year that you can get it! Ooooh….. wait a minute! There’s also the old-fashioned orange and black-wrapped peanut butter chewy candies that you only see at Halloween; I forget what they’re called, but they are so yummy, too!

  3. Maiada says

    Actually we don’t celebrate halloween in my country so I don’t know any of the halloween candy, but my favorite candy in general would be Aero chocolate

  4. says

    My favorite halloween candy is Hersheys White Chocolate with choco biscuits in it.I don’t exactly know the name of it.
    I also love tootsie rolls and Kit Kat.

    Deepika <3

  5. says

    Absolutely nothing says Halloween like Candy Corn. Its an old favorite and if I have NOTHING else, candy corn will do me just fine. And no, I don’t share. LOL

  6. Priscilla says

    My favorite halloween treat are caramel apples! I know thats more a fall thing than halloween, but on halloween they always put out those caramel apple lolli pops and omg I just about die lol

  7. Syeda says

    My favorite Halloween treats are Hershey’s Hugs, not Kisses, but Hugs. I like hugs better than kisses in real life too lol. :)

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