(CLOSED)TGIF Giveaway! Physicians Formula Happy Booster!









Have you got a Happy Booster yet? If not why not enter to win one for free?! This is up for grabs to one lucky winner! Giveaway ends on April 10th.

This is Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Rose. I know so many people are going crazy over these so I’m giving away one on Youtube and another for my blog readers.


1-Comment/Leave a Reply on this post and let me know what makeup product you have right now that makes you happy! You know the product that makes you smile as you put it on. For me that’s any purple eyeshadow:) Make sure if you are not logged in that you fill in the best email address to contact you in the response. In the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Make sense?

2-One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on April 11th by email!



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  1. Destinee (jlowman1) says

    The product that makes me the happiest right now is NARS Albatross blush/highlighter. It gives me such a pretty glow. Makes me want to smile! lol

    • Micayla says

      The makeup product I have right now that makes me happy is Covergirl’s line of all Taylor Swift products. She has some really great stuff!

  2. Kiyoko says

    Hey Crystal! A makeup item that makes me smile each time I put it on would also be my purple eyeshadows. Some of my favorite purples are: MAC: Fig 1; Makeup Forever: #92; Sugarpill: Poison Plum <3

  3. xdelice says

    thanks for the giveaway kisses!!

  4. Jenni says

    The makeup product that is most making me happy right now is my Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. It’s super fast and easy and covers my under eye area pretty well.. sometimes I don’t even need my concealer =)

  5. Stef says

    It’s the L’Oreal Super Liner for me!
    I feel like an other person when I apply it, and I don’t go out without it, even though I have nothing else on my face, I have at least this eyeliner on my eyes ^^

  6. Alicia says

    Hi, The make up product that makes me happy is N’7 lip-gloss in marshmallow, it is such a bright fun colour it just cheers me up. Encase you are wondering the lip-gloss is a pink colour almost identical to the colour of pink marshmallows (hence the name)

  7. Maria José says

    The product that makes me happy when i use it is my Sleek Palette (Original), a friend send it to me as a surprise gift, it’s gorgeous! so everytime i use it i think of her, and that makes me smile! it’s a beautiful palette with wonderful colours! =D

  8. Amy says

    I think my lipstick makes me the happiest. It’s shade number 17 (I think — whatever the true red color is) from YSL and it’s so bright and bold. I feel glamorous with it on, which is fun. :)

  9. Cat says

    What makes me happy right now is my false lashes mascara by mac. Just got it like a week ago and i love it!

  10. savannah hicks says

    The product that makes me happy is the Urban Decay Book of ShadowsIII. It is the first high end makeup I have purchased in my life, and I am so glad I got it! It is all I need in the pallete and it also has the primer potion and 2 24/7 pencils which I’ve alwaya wanted to try! It has made me soooo happy and I screamed when it came in the mail!! I have been using it every single day, and I makes me happy everyday because my makeup has been looking awesome.

  11. polly says

    it will be my bourjois blush in ambre dor. it comes in this cute case & brush and i feel pretty puting in on.

  12. Clang848 says

    This looks beautiful in all the reviews I’ve seen!!:D
    Definitely my makeup product that makes me happy is my white eyeliner because it really brightens up my face. A close second would be my concealer because I looveee the way it looks on me(:

  13. Colleen says

    Whenever I put on my highlighter which is usually MAC Perfect Topping it makes me happy becuase it looks so pretty lol :)

  14. Lisa says

    My favourite product so much so that i have 5 of them in the back of my drawer (my not so secret guilty secret) is Darling by GOSH its so creamy and its the most beautiful pale pinky nude shade that looks amazing on the lips, i have one in both my work and my handbag and one in my lipstick tray in my storage drawers – i am totally obsessed.

    I would love this blush as in UK we cant get it and i love hearts and its mine and my boyfriends 5th anniversary next week and my heart is so happy right now.

    Love your videos

    Lisa xx

    p.s id be so honoured if you checked out my channel its spaceysno1girl – divas closet and its just new but im loving it!

  15. Sai says

    The makeup item that always makes me smile is my L’oreal HIP Jelly Balm in Plush! It’s such a gorgeous color and the caramel smell just makes me giggle! :D

  16. Andrea says

    My favorite makeup right now that makes me happy is pink lipstick by mac called snob the color is a great light pink that’s great on my skin color.

  17. says

    I lovveee purple eyeshadow as well lol but lately i’ve being grinning like a fool every time I use my Naked Palette because I had to go through hell (waiting) to get it! hahaha :P (I better be enjoying it cause I had to pay $77 at sephora online for it!) hhahah

  18. dollfacemami says


  19. Amanda Dubs says

    Right now I am absolutely loving my Rock and Republic lipgloss in Hot Sauce, I just got it in the mail from the hautelook sale and I wish I would have gotten more stuff but that was my favorite item that I got. Such a perfect color for the spring!!!

  20. evangelina ruiz says

    My lancome lipsticj thats in nude color i just love how it feels and looks it always puts a smile on my face=)

  21. says

    The products that make me very happy when applying them are my NYX Mega shine lip glosses. My favourite ones being in shades Smokey Look and Sweetheart. They are pigmented, have amazing shine, and smell so good. Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  22. Candace says

    Oooooh! I have TWO makeup items that make me happy. One is my MAC lipglasses. The other is MakeupForever’s Mat Velvet…the best foundation on the market…hands down!

  23. becca says

    my blush, not only because i literally have to smile to apply it :D, but it just gives my face some life and makes me look really bright and awake, which i love! i also love experimenting with mixing different blushes :)

  24. ohklc says

    The makeup item that makes me happy would have to be my Eos lip balm. I absolutely love my Eos lip balm.

  25. TianaDMS says

    I always smile when I put on glitter of any sort. I really love shimmer and glitter and I don’t think you can be too old to wear glitter! lol =)

  26. Cristina Goidescu says

    —What makeup product you have right now that makes you happy? You know the product that makes you smile as you put it on.—
    I just got the Naked palette from Urban Decay and I’ve used it only twice, but let me tell you, it make me feel so good and so confident that I just adore it.
    Thank you for your giveaway.

  27. says

    The item that makes me smile when I put on is my revlons photo finish foundation… I love it to bits! I know you said one… but I have another haha its my physicians formula eyeliner their new liquid one. .. oh my gawd I love it too! it is amazing after the first use I was in looooove! I may love it even more than the rpf foundation! <3 heehee

  28. TheMissTwist says

    The item that makes me smile everytime I put it on is my physicians formula liquid eyeliner! I loooooooves it sooo much! <3

  29. says

    Right now — LA COLORS’ Black/Brown liquid eyeliner makes me smile. :) It just glides on so smoothly over my finished eyeshadow looks and neatly defines my eyes…so happy whenever I use it :)

  30. Alexandra says

    Any kind of pink make up makes me happy …it cloud be a blush,an eyeshadow or lipstick …I am so into pink :X

  31. temitope abosede says

    i beauty blooter is my happy product…it dries out any oil nd leavin my make up fresh….beauty blooter from marykay

  32. Kristyn says

    What makes me happiest at the moment would have to be MAC’s Strange Potion lip gloss they released with the Venomous Villains collection! It’s just the perfect bright coral-peachy=pink for Spring and gives me a smile every time I put it on!

  33. Milan says

    The product that makes me happiest at the moment has got to be my Pur 4 in 1 coverage powder because it is the best powder I’ve tried in a long time and it covers all those bad spots and makes your skin look almost perfect!

  34. Courtney says

    I get happiest putting on bronzer and blush:) Anything that brightens up my face! This blush looks amazing!

  35. Bellefille says

    I love wearing lipsticks and lipgloss, and these make me feel great! Especially something bright and colourful to brighten my face! I love the loops of HappyBooster!

  36. says

    My favorite beauty product right now that makes me happy is, Lorac liquid lustre drops! they are gorg.. stay in place, no fallout an soo beautifull i can add them on top of any shadow, or just wear it along.. it looks like angel kisses!! :) this makes me smile!

  37. myriam says

    Well the product that makes me smile is the Falsies mascara i love it it makes my eyelashes look so long and full<3

  38. Soula says

    The product that makes me happiest/feel my best when I put it on is pretty much any coral red lipstick. This colour makes your lips pop and makes you stand out and feel gorgeous!

  39. rebecca says

    i would have to say a recent favorite makeup product that makes me happy is my elf complextion perfection. it gets rid of redness on my face, evens out my skin tone, and helps set my foundation. plus it’s only $3 so that makes me smile even more! :)

  40. Allie says

    The product that is making me happy now is the L’Oreal Bare Natural Mineral Concealer. It works so much better than the last one I tried!

  41. thepinkestbutterfly says

    the product that makes me smile every time I put on is a NYX single eyeshadow in Platinum Pink, because I got it from a very good friend <3

  42. Syd says

    The product that makes me happy is the Nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Iced Mocha. Just so pretty and very creamy. I wish I could have all the colors.

  43. Kickback says

    My MAC’s lipglass in Nice & Slow (I think it’s from the Neo Sci Fi collection) is the perfect pink and makes me feel all happy and bouncy!

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