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This is a great palette from the Balm. There is a limited edition version of this palette that’s out called Cast your Shadow with a Muppets theme but this is the exact same thing without the Muppets! If you’d like to find out how I got this for less than the $44.50 retail price click here. You may be able to find one of these near you for $19.99. If you’d like to see swatches of the colors from my palette click here. This is a great palette. The eyeshadows are pigmented and this is great for travel.

If you’d like to win it take a look at the giveaway details below.

Please remember that I approve each comment/entry manually so if you don’t see your response on the post right away don’t be upset. I’ll approve it and you will see it soon!

Giveaway ends on October 9th!


1-The winner will be a Facebook friend or Google Friend so Like Us on Facebook if you haven’t already-you can do that on the right side of this website. We are on Facebook as crystalis007.com.

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2-Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know what your favorite makeup brand is. I know that’s going to be hard for many of you. But name ONE BRAND!

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

3-One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on October 10th by email or Facebook privately!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Maiada says

    I guess if I have to choose one it’ll be Artdeco, although I should tell you that all the high-end products are not available in my country so I’ve never tried them (e.g MAC, urban decay,…) except for Dior

  2. says

    oh boy, this is a hard question. i love a lot of brands but my new favorite one is NARS. i just cant get enough of it! specially since theres a special on sephora now! Even thought thats my favorite, im still open to try new brands like the balm :)

  3. kristin tate says

    Oh my goodness!! You were NOT kidding when you said it may be hard to pick just ONE brand. Overall, I like Urban Decay best, especially their eyeshadows. They have excellent color payoff and I adore the names they give their eyeshadows!

  4. Sandy says

    Hmmmm… I guess I would have to say Wet n’ Wild becasue I am ALWAYS on a mad hunt for some new LE collection that seems to consume my after work hours and the gas in my car!!! LOL!

  5. Kristyn Lee says

    I think my favorite makeup brand of the moment is definitely MAC. I just really love their creativity with some of their recent collections and am looking forward to what they come out with in the future!

  6. Freda says

    I am dying for this palette! Been looking endlessly here in Canada with no luck yet! My favorite makeup brand is NARS, thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Maria José says

    Well for me is hard because for many brands i only have 1 product, so i will say i love Sleek. I have some of their products that were a gift from a friend and i think are great! I would love to be able to try them all but for now it’s impossible =/
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! ^^
    GFC: Maria José

  8. Amoure says

    There are so many but I would probably have to say MichaelTodd. I really enjoy their blushes, shadows, liners, cream shadows, and bronzers.

  9. says

    I am smitten with MAC, I’m love their shadows and I’m obsessing over their lipstick so yea MAC is it for me….even tho where I’m from its really pricy but i budget it in every month now ;)

  10. Miosha says

    My favorite make up collection is Bobbi Brown. I love the way her products work with my complexion. It gives me a flawless polished look and it looks as if I’m not wearing any foundation. I always get compliments when i wear her products.

  11. Anna says

    Hi Crystal!

    I would have to say MAC!

    We don’t have a lot of the US stuff here in Australia like Wet n Wild, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, etc


  12. Ivana says

    Hi Crystal!
    My favorite brand is Avon, cuz they don’t test on animals:)

    Fb fan:Ivana C. (full name on request.)

  13. Cilla says

    You really are not exaggerating when you call that a hard question! lol But I’d have to say Urban Decay. It was the first higher-end makeup I’d ever purchased and they have never failed me yet.

  14. LaVaughn DanielDavis says

    I just really love Inglot. Their eyeshadows are so pigmented and the color range is awesome!anyone can find their perfect shade in any color family. The price is not bad either for those of us on a beauty budget!

  15. rissa says

    Right now my favorite brand is Urban Decay because I love their Naked Palette. It’s so easy to take with me when I travel so I don’t have to carry a bunch of single eyeshadows and it easy does a neutral day to smokey night look.

  16. Lavendar says

    If I HAVE to pick one, it would be MAC. However, I’ve just discovered Bobbi Brown works really well for my skin tone, so maybe this will change in the near future.

  17. MMM says

    Let me be lame and say MAC. haha. Haven’t brought much in a while but that smoke signals quad with the warm tones is my go-to for everyday makeup wear.

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