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I love this little thing….from the first time I used it. I was really happy with my foundation routine and I got some emails from you guys about this and lots of questions on YouTube as well. I figured this would mess up my way of doing things but curiosity got the best of me. I really wanted to find out if the rave reviews were really deserved. Well they were.

I usually put on my Mac Pro Longwear foundation with a Sigma or Sonia Kashuk brush. To me the consistency of the foundation dictates the best way to apply it. I used the beautyblender to apply several different foundations and they all came out fantastic and flawless. Thanks to one of my knowledgable beauty friends/blog reader T.R. who gave me some tips on how to use this I was ready to put this tool to the test.

Using the beautyblender is really easy. All I had to do is hold it under the water stream in the sink and squeeze out the excess. After wetting it, the beautyblender plumps up.  I then dipped it into 1-2 pumps of foundation I pumped out and put on my hand for application. Then I just went over my whole face (stipling, use bouncing motions) with the beautyblender. Actually that’s the best part, with the shape of the beautyblender and flexibility of the sponge I can really reach all the harder to get corners and spots on my face. With my Sigma/Sonia Kashuk brush it’s hard to get into the corners of my nose and eyes without almost blinding myself so I appreciate this technique. The finish after I’m done is buffed and natural looking. I didn’t find streaks or uneven spots most days. And if there were any they were easy to blend out! I love the finish-I like looking natural! Not painted or heavy/thick. I never like looking like my makeup is a few inches thick. Even though it might be…just kidding.

You can use this with foundation, concealer, and creme blush. I tried it with concealer and I loved the way I could touch up with the pointy top of the beautyblender and load on more and more concealer because I have serious bags. The creme blush went on perfectly. I used the rounded bottom of the blender to apply it to my cheeks…just perfect.

I’m a fan, this is going to be on my makeup counter for use all the time now! According to T.R. hers has lasted for two years! It needs to be cleaned regularly and taken good care of by the user of course. It retails for $19.95.

Rated A

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review by the company.

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