The Chopping Block-Reviews #12

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  1. ebony says

    CRYSTAL…….you have mentioned on occasion how you really dislike washing your makeup brushes by hand….well I feel the same. I came across 2 you tubers who showed/recommended a different alternative……a jar!! I know right…one of them actually has a video on how it is done……check out CKEY’s video on PARIAN SPIRIT …………I purchased this (thick glass) jar from amazon for $6.00 but I have my own cleanser I would prefer to use…..just tonight I watched KISSseventyseven speak on the use of a jar also to clean brushes……someone sent her the jar as a part of love mail
    …the jar came from Micheals or Joanne’s…(not sure if plastic, acrylic or glass and it was quoted to be no more than $6) …this item would be a great review for the next chopping block….pls consider..thanks

  2. Lisa Marie says

    The chopping block is one of my ultimate You Tube favorites!!!!!! I so look forward to your videos and opinions. Keep up the great reviews! I highly value your opinions!

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