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Ahhh the Naked Palette. This is one of my favorite things. It’s just about the most useful thing that you can have if you are a newbie to makeup and its a makeup tool with endless possibilities if you’re an advanced makeup user. You can do a million eye looks with this palette. Since most people prefer neutral/natural looks anyway this is the perfect complement if that is your sweet spot. But if you want to get your smoky eye on this will help with that too. It’s a versatile palette that’s for sure. But sometimes you can get in a rut using it.

I’m in a rut now. Don’t get me wrong I love it but I do the same 2-3 eyeshadow color looks I have been doing since I got it. I love the right side of the palette and could use it forever. The colors are so good…

I love pigmented deep eyeshadow colors. I use Buck, Hustle, and Gunmetal a lot. Those three are so pretty and I use them all over my eyelid. Half Baked is a little on the bright side so I use it in the inner corner mostly. Smog, Darkhorse, and Creep get less use but Creep is great for a smokey eye with Gunmetal by the way. You see so many possibilities! Ok and Toasted has such a pretty shimmer to it. In small doses its pretty as hell and I have it on my eyelid right now with Hustle. So many options with this palette, its endless! But what about the left side of the palette…I do NOTHING with that.

Poor Virgin, Sin, Naked, and Sidecar. I do nothing with them. Look how brand new they look! So here’s my question do you have any eye looks you do with the Naked Palette that you love? Please let me know and if your eye combo includes any of the colors on the left side that’s a bonus! In case you don’t have this its available at Ulta, Sephora, and the Urban Decay website for $48. Comment below and let me know your favorite eyeshadow looks with this palette!

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  1. Haitian1130 says

    My favorite colors in that palette are Smog, Darkhorse (I have both other palettes), Virgin, and Hustle.

    Here’s a look suggestion: Smog on lid, Darkhorse outer v & a little in crease, dab of virgin for highlight and blend out with a skin tone color. Top it off with mascara and gel liner and you’re good to go.

  2. Loretta says

    Funny enough, I typically only use the left side of the naked palette! I love sin! Its the perfect lid color for me. Try the inner half of your lid with sin, the outer half with half baked, use buck as the bridge color. Mix hustle and creep together for the outer v to add dimension to the eye. Finish with liquid eye liner and mascara ;)

  3. Kurleigh says

    I use toasted on the inner 2/3 of my lid, smog on the outer 1/3 and crease, sin tear duct area and virgin as a brow highlight- one of my every day looks. I sometimes use naked to blend out any harsh edges.

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