theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette- Swatches

I got my palette yesterday! theBalm is producing 1000 of these Cast Your Shadow Palettes but the good news is that it will be more available in other packaging under the name the Balm and the Beautiful. Same exact eyeshadows/blush/lipgloss but with different individual product names. For details and a picture of the alternate palette click here. I found a way to get the alternate palette half price thanks to one of my fantastic blog readers, that post has the details on where to check for that deal at T.J.Maxx.

On to the pictures and swatches! This palette is $44.50, I got it from the Facebook pre-order event theBalm had.

Please remember that if you’d like to get a much closer look you can click on an individual picture.









theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

all the colors in the palette-16 eyeshadows, 2 lip/cheek stains, and 1 lip gloss

















1st Row: Tres Moi, Wocka Wocka, Meep Meep, and Mahna-Mahna









2nd Row: Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, and Muppetational









3rd Row: Woman Woman, Curtain Call, Great Gonzo, and Kissy Kissy









4th Row: Wild Child, Lab Coat, Hiii-Yaaa!, and Swedish Pancakes









Last Row: Rainbow Connection, Le Diva, and Electric Mayhem

These eyeshadows for the most part are buttery textured and highly pigmented. Just the way that I like eyeshadow. I haven’t had a chance to use all of the colors on my face yet but I’ll tell you so many of them are impressive.  The last row of lip/cheek stains are nice Rainbow Connection is the most impressive one to me it’s just as pigmented as it looks. Le Diva is far less shockingly pink/fuchsia as it looks in the palette. It is buildable color though so after two layers that deep pink comes out. Electric Mayhem reminds me of the last Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick/lipgloss colors. Not meant for me at all…just makes me look like I ate a few powdered donuts!

The only color I’m going to be wary of is Curtain Call (3rd row, 2nd color) it’s a super frosty pink shade. But the few colors in this palette that aren’t a good match for me skin tone wise I’ll just mix with other colors inside the palette. I’ll mix the deep rich Kissy, Kissy (3rd row, last color) with Curtain Call to tone down the frostiness and make a brighter lavender like purple. I’m expecting to do a lot of mixing with that bottom row of eye colors. Colors like Lab Coat (frosty white) and Hiii-Yaaa! (champagne) aren’t going on my eyelid by themselves.

I’ll give you an update or follow-up on this palette after using it for a while. Overall I am so happy with this, eyeshadows this useable and pigmented don’t come along in this format much. Besides the colors being really good the packaging is very good also. I like that the eyeshadows and lip/cheek stuff have separate flap closures. I hate getting random eyeshadow in cream products.

I’d urge you to consider this palette, I think it’s a good value purchase especially if you are a serious eyeshadow lover!

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  1. T.R. says

    *Happy Dance* Your pictures are FANTASTIC! I’m so happy. I haven’t even touched my B&B palette waiting on my CYSF one to arrive.

    P.S. Crystal, I don’t have facebook but I’ve been lurking around waiting on my palette. :O) I saw two people, one from Germany (Ann-Kathrin) and another girl from the US (Page Morgan) looking for the TB&TB palette. I picked up two more for them and left them a message through my brothers FB page. But because I don’t do FB I’m not sure if I did it right. Would you mind letting them know they can email me if they are still interested.

    Thank you. I hate for people to miss out and I don’t want to return them without giving the ladies an opportunity.

    • says

      Oh boy, I am a Facebook loser. I know how to send messages though. Are they on theBalm’s Facebook or on mine? I am thinking you saw them on theBalm’s Facebook as I don’t recognize those names.

      • T.R. says

        Don’t worry Crystal. I’ll keep the palettes until the end of the week. If I don’t hear from them I’ll just return them. I was just trying to help out some folks who looked like the really wanted the TB&TB palette and couldn’t find it.

        Anyway, the good news is I GOT MINE YESTERDAY!!!!!! :O) *happy dance*

        • says

          I’m so glad you got yours! Isn’t it great!? I love the quality of the shadows. I have to watch products from this brand from now on. I totally skipped over them before!

  2. says

    That is really cute!! :) I’ve never seen this brand before…where do they sell them (besides online)?

    Question for you…I can’t find your Hautelook invite…I wanted to sign up under you so you could get the $10. Also, how much is shipping? I couldn’t find the answer in their Help section…I guess it isn’t a flat rate, but based on how much $$$ you spend? I’d like to get some idea before I get my hopes up for some “cheap” deals on the site. I heard they have UD tomorrow. Anything you’re looking out for??

    • says

      See thats the thing I’ve only seen some palettes they make in Sephora, I’ve never seen it anywhere else. The eyeshadows are so amazing. I looked at my last 6 orders from Hautelook and they charged me $5.95 for shipping. I always get makeup not anything large so it might be a different amount for bigger stuff. My orders were all under $50 too if that helps.
      I hope they do a good amount of UD for the sale tomorrow. It’s no fun unless they have a good selection. I think I’m going to take a look but I think Im good with them for now. I want one of those holiday sets they are coming out with for the shadow pencils. Those things are $20 each but this holiday set has 4 or 5 of them for $34. Here is my link, thanks: .

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