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I loooove matte eyeshadow. I discovered it late in my eyeshadow awakening but once matte fever hit I have been hard to please. The Power of Matte Palette by Inglot is my favorite bunch of matte colors so far. The payoff is good on these. I sometimes have passed on matte eyeshadow shadows from a few brands because they are too powdery or have no staying power. I don’t find that to be the case with Inglot matte colors or theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) palette. In evaluating this palette I had some clear favorites and some colors I won’t be laying my brush into again. Well that’s not true I try to get something out of everything so Matt Chung me and you pink boy are going to make it WORK one of these days.

Here are some swatches of the colors.









First row: Matt Smith, Matt Gallagher, and Matt Ramirez








Second row: Matt McDonald, Matt Horowitz, and Matt Chung









Third row: Matt Batali, Matt Schilling, and Matt Patel

I really loved a lot of these eyeshadow colors. Matt McDonald and Matt Horowitz in the 2nd row, I love you. Matt Batali from the 3rd row, you complete me. From the first row Matt Smith and Matt Ramirez you kind of look like dust and mud that dried on me respectively. Matt Patel from the bottom row, you are my kind of matte purple-ish tinted gray. After using eye primer (a must) I start with a cream base most days and then use powder shadows. This is a great layering technique for summer. I have oily skin but normal eyelids. Creasing is an ugly enemy. I avoid it. Most of my cream bases are shimmery so the matte eyeshadow color combo’s that I tried with this palette looked nice and didn’t move all day.

This was fun to test out and there are some surprises here. I never thought a few of these colors would work on me but they did. Matte shades can be really forgiving. This palette came out recently and its around $35 but I got it at T.J.Maxx thanks to a blog readers heads up for a discounted $16.99. This is going to be a great little palette to bring on trips.

Wearing matte shades makes me feel a little more adult, I love me some shimmer but this is a nice little change-up!

Rated B

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. T.R. says

    Kudos Crystal for the review. I just swatched my palette a few days ago. Haven’t worn anything yet but I think I’m going to try out the palette this week.

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