This Just In: Chanel Delight, Holiday & LMDB Snappy Dragon

Chanel Delight, Holiday ($26 each) and Le Metier De Beaute Snappy Dragon ($18)

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  1. Caitiin says

    Hey crystal I was just wondering what is the main differences in high end nail polish compared to lower end ones? Like what is the difference between theses and essie polishes or OPI?

    • says

      hi! some of the high end nail polishes last longer (chanel does not traditionally) and have more interesting/unique colors. several brands like deborah lippmann, dior, laura mercier, and nars last almost a whole week+ on me with just a bit of wear on my tips. i get more serious chipping action with China Glaze and OPI after 4 days or so. but its all relative because some people are rougher on their nails than others. i open soda cans, tap things with my fingertips, and in general am not too careful so someone more ladylike might get much better results with OPI or another less expensive brand. i only have a few essie shades so i don’t know much about them.

      • Caitiin says

        Thanks so much, that make sense. I am not very careful either. Thats why I never go for like anything under maybe 9-10 per bottle because I find they take longer to dry so i mess them up while drying hahaha. My friend has nail colour last on her for like 2 weeks without chipping, it is bizarre to me.

  2. Rene says

    Great question Caitlin! Crystal – how do you feel about Estee Lauder nail polishes in relation to the other brands you mentioned? I’m wearing EL Teal Topaz right now and the first week I wore it (applied by my nail tech) it lasted almost a week without chipping. When I put it on it seems to chip more quickly. Not sure if its my technique? I use the same base coat and top coat (Nailtique and Seche Vite). Your advice is appreciated.

    • says

      I’ve only purchased a few EL polishes and I’m getting 5 days out of them. But I’m the worst person to ask about getting more wear. I have the opposite problem. When I go to the salon my manicure doesn’t last at all but when I do my nails myself they last so much longer. Thats why I don’t go to the salon much even though it would be waaaay better for my cuticles. It’s the strangest thing the only difference that I see is that when I do my nails the manicure is thicker than the salon version and that seems to help me keep the look longer. i have always wanted to ask if they thin out each polish color or something? i can’t figure out what is going on!

  3. Rene says

    Thanks Crystal. I think they do thin out the polish which is why I always take my own. Plus they never have the special colors I crave. I would love to see you do a video on your nail collection. I just did one on my collection but its a very small collection. So I think it would be neat to see yours. Plus you always have the best nail polishes. I have purchased several that I have seen on your blog.

  4. says

    Hola. Holiday looks very similar to Dior Aloha. What do you think? I was expecting something with a little more punch from Chanel for summer. I’m a little bummed :(.

    • says

      I missed out on Aloha! They were on an amazing roll for a while there. I like these two but they aren’t like Black Pearl, Graphite, and Paradoxal or anything you know colors that are must haves.

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