This Just In: China Glaze/Hunger Games Fast Track & Riveting

The China Glaze Hunger Games Collection is finally starting to show up in stores. I went to Sally’s and they had two of the colors I wanted from the collection. They rang up for $4.99 each with my discount card but I wasn’t able to get the other colors that I wanted unfortunately.

Ulta doesn’t have the collection yet either (I called my local store) so I placed an order with Transdesign instead. I love that the colors from the collection are $2.99 each but the shipping is a bit crazy for my order. It’s $8.70 but I know the four colors purchased at Ulta for the usual $8 each would mean that I’m still getting off cheaper since my order (for four colors) total was $20.66 with Transdesign.

Anyway here are Fast Track & Riveting!

Fast Track and Riveting

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  1. T.R. says

    I got these two as well as Electrfy, Harvest Moon, Lux and Lush, Smoke & Ashes and Stone Cold. I went to Sally’s last week and was lucky to be able to choose first. She let me get mine from the back. :O) Can’t wait to try them. I really like Fast Track even though it’s a nude.

  2. says

    Those were the only two colors that I wanted. I have Riveting on my nails now and it’s mesmerizing!! Be prepared to stare at your hands while driving, lol!

  3. says

    I LOVE the whole collection i have been trying so hard to get hold of like 6 colors but you can get them in the UK anywhere Boo :( They look Gorgeous on though :) XOXO

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