This Just In: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

It’s here! I was lucky enough to get to see this in action at a Nordstrom beauty event recently. They didn’t have my color in stock (Seychelles) but it came in the mail so the testing can begin!









I will review this soon but based on my testing so far its the best tinted moisturizer I’ve ever tried, even better than my HG favorite from Becca (reviewed here) which is really saying something!

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  1. Asia C. says

    OMG, you are going to love it…I bought it at the Nordy’s event (they had two left in my color so I was lucky) and have been wearing it EVERYDAY since (except for yesterday, I did wear a foundation for vday;))…It smells good, doesn’t break me out and best of all NO OILINESS:)….love love love!

  2. Regina says

    I never write in caps but…..CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR REVIEW!!!!!! I’m so looking forward to a full review as I’m super interested in trying this

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