This Just In: OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam! Nail Polish









If your thinking that this polish looks a lot like my recent NOTD post for I Have A Herring Problem, your right. There is a slight hardly noticeable difference between the two. Since I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! was out of stock at Ulta I thought I’d pick it up to show you. Here the two are next to each other. The mini size bottle is I Have A Herring Problem by the way.








I Don’t Give A Rotterdam! (left) and I Have A Herring Problem

I put this up to let you know that they are so similar and you don’t need both most likely. I Don’t Give A Rotterdam is light blue and the I Have A Herring Problem polish leans more toward being more greenish or teal. Check out Scrangie’s post here for pics of the whole collection. She does a great job of capturing both colors better than I do! So does The PolishAholic check her post out here. I love them both but I do like the darker one I Have A Herring Problem a little better.

Jinx on the other hand does not care about either one….

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