This Just In: Super Matte Antishine

My quest for a holy grail mattifying product might never end. I saw a new product in action earlier this week and I had to order it. This is a light cream you can use to create a matte finish. It can be used before you put on your makeup or on its own. There are three shades available. I got the Dark shade. It’s also available in Light and Medium.

I’m really excited, the picture on the bottom left is what the product looked like when I put it on my hand and the picture to the right was after I rubbed it in and it dried a bit. That IS matte isn’t it? I got this from Kett Cosmetics for $25 (WOWZA) and you get .6 oz. Their website is I think Alcone has this product also.

Review coming soon, I am going to play with it for a while and see if it passes the greasy t-zone test!

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  1. says

    I really like Super Matte Anti shine but I found that milk of magnesia worked better for me. I can’t wait to read your review.

  2. Caroline R says

    I think i may have found my holy grail: the matifying primer by Black Up.
    They don’t have a website yet but here’s the adress:

    It’s a pro make up line for black and mixed girls. Their make up is great! The blushed and ES are very pigmented and the skincare line focused on oily skin.
    You can find it at Sephora in France but i’m not sure if you guys have it in the US or not.
    I have some samples if you’re interested in trying it someday?

    • says

      I’ve heard so much about them. I saw some reviews from one of my favorite bloggers Clumps of Mascara and their eyeshadow looks amazing! It’s not at Sephora in the US yet. I wish it was!!!

      • Caroline R says

        You’re right, she did talk about it, i must have missed that review she did.
        I just saw the mascara review though.
        Although i found a link on her website so you *can* buy it in the US then.
        Here’s the matifying base i wa son about:
        I’m finishing my 3rd sample tomorrow and i’ll run to Sephora to buy it!
        I have a couple more samples that i’ll keep just in case. If you’re any interested let me know ;)
        I have samples of their other skincare products but i’m not sure i want to try them…. I’m just so picky with what i put on my face…

        Oh and their blushes are also great. I know on the website it doesn’t look so great but i have the N°8 and it’s FANTASTIC! I use it as a blush, highlighter or eye shadow. It reminds me a bit of woodwinked but a lot softer. It’s a great golden color.

        Oh well, i better stop talking lol, when it comes to cosmetics and make up i could go on and on and on :p

        • says

          You should really start a blog! It’s fun and you could do a guest post on here and give your blog address, YT info and whatever else so people can see it!

          • Caroline R says

            I’m seriously thinking about blogging but i’ll probably take my YT videos down, i’m a shy person.
            While they’re up, you can take a quick look at them if you want, my username is agirlcanmack (i’m a surscriber of yours).
            I only tald about hair though which i want to change because i’m a lot more or a skincare addict but a true product junkie at heart ;)

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