This Just In: Two Wet N Wild Coloricon Nail Colors

It’s All in the Cut and 24 Carats Nail Polishes

I found these at Walgreen’s and they are beautiful! There are so many other colors in this LE collection but I picked these two. Check them out while you can!

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  1. T.R. says

    I got the whole collection. Did you use the Walgreens Xmas $1 off coupon? I ended up getting them all for 1.99 instead of 2.99.

      • T.R. says

        Hmmm, they actually don’t expire until the end of the month. They had a beauty holiday book with coupons inside. At my Walgreens they are sitting by the register in the beauty department. In some others they are in the cosmetic area on the counter. They have other beauty coupons in there as well. :O) BTW glad to see you are a little better. Been sick the last two weeks myself. Hate it.

        • says

          I am going to check my Walgreens for coupons! I would love to check out what else they have got! I am feeling really good. I hope you get better real soon!

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