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It’s been a great week. One of the highlights for me was last night. My husband and I went out to meet up with my middle school classmates after way too many years apart. I went to Catholic school through 8th grade and haven’t seen many of them since then. The memories of me and my classmates in school back then are some of the best that I have in life so far. We all survived green plaid uniforms, nuns, and what seemed like very over protective parents TOGETHER.

It’s amazing how you can not talk to someone for so many years and instantly remember the best things about them. And then realize after talking a bit that those same things are still true. We told stories and danced together to our favorite Madonna song back then. You can imagine how much our Catholic mamas loved Madonna right? HA!

Take a look at some posts that caught my eye this week and if you have some type of reunion coming up….GO.

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The Beauty Look Book- Le Metier de Beaute Indian Summer Lip Creme Lip Gloss Duo

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