(CLOSED)Tokidoki Devil Girl Palette Giveaway!

Any of you out there think your a bit of a Devil Girl? Me too!

This cute palette comes with a blue zippered case that I think would make a cute makeup bag. I don’t have much stuff from Tokidoki but they win hands down when it comes to cute and colorful makeup.

Here are the rules this is open to everyone!

Giveaway ends on December 15th.


1- Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know what your favorite book, movie, or tv show is right now.

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

2- One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on December 16th by email!

*I approve comments manually so if you don’t see your entry right away that’s why!

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  1. xdelice says

    My current favorite tv show is once upon a time on ABC lol i know i m such a baby but i love it and i love tokidoki too so hope it brings me luck to keep beleiving in a fairy tale dream of me and the toki doki palette sharing the same space! lol
    kisses and thanks so much for the giveaway girlfriend!

  2. Andrea says

    So I will go ahead and say it my favorite books are the Twilight books. Favorite TV show right now has to be Body of Proof on ABC.

  3. Rebecca says

    well my favorite book will have to be either my best friends girl – by dorothy koomson (SUCH a good author) or fly on the wall by e.lockheart (don’t like anything else by her)
    my favorite tv show would have to be either big bang theory or criminal minds, movie would have to be either easy A or love actually (for christmas) or last holiday (christmassy also)

    you can see just how decisive I am ;)

  4. says

    Right now my FAVORITE show is HOMELAND is a new show on Showtime. It comes every Sunday night and 2 more episodes and the first season is over. I don’t know if you have watched it but I truly recommend this for you if you like suspense and action.

    I don’t have a fav movie at the moment but I can tell you that ALL the Pixtar movies from Disney I LOVE!

    Born Innocent is one of my fav books of all time


  5. Pappetee says

    Crystal, that seems like a fun palette! My favorite TV show right now is Person of Interest. I like a good mix of crime drama, thriller and action. ;-)

  6. Teryn says

    My absolute FAVORITE show right now is Once Upon a Time!!!! I love fairy tales made into real life with modern strife. Its awesome! Well written and well acted. I’m currently re-reading the entire Harry Potter series so, I’ve fallen back in love with them and they are my current favorite books. Thanks for having an awesome give away:)

  7. Shannon says

    My favorite movie is Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar. Oldie but always a goodie lol? Thanks for this giveaway!

  8. Alyssa says

    My favorite tv show is, and always has been, Criminal Minds. I have literally seen every episode.
    Favorite movie is such a hard thing to answer because there’s so many! I really love The Blind Side, such a beautiful story! Also really like Girl, Interrupted.

  9. Tia says

    Right now Im loving Hart of Dixie. Such a god show! Rachel Bilson is one of those girls that Im pretty sure it is impossible to anything but love her!

  10. Giulia says

    My favorite book at the moment is Flatlandia by Edwin Abbott…thank you for this giveaway…this palette is so cute!

  11. Sherry B. says

    Not new by any means, but I absolutely love Criminal Minds. I really believe that I missed my calling; I would have made a great profiler!

  12. Jessica says

    Right now my favorite tv show is two broke girls, my favorite movie is Thor, and my favorite book is called Privilege by Kate Brian.

  13. Kat says

    Definitely, the series I am hooked to right now is Game of Thrones! It is oh-my-god awesome and I cannot wait for Season 2!

  14. Loretta says

    At this time of year I enjoy watching ‘This Christmas.’ Best scene is when Regina King puts baby oil on the bathroom floor and waits for her cheating husband to get out of the shower. She whooped that butt! ;)

  15. Andrea Lux says

    My favorite tv show is the Vampire Diaries. Everyone is so into True Blood which I watch too but Vampire Diaries is so much better. I guess the problem I have with True Blood is I could care less if they killed off Sookie or Bill. I really think they’re the most boring characters on the show. I want more Eric, Pam and Jessica! Sorry for the rant… I just really like Vampire Diaries.

  16. says

    My favorite tv show currently is BOSS w/ Kelsey Grammer. It’s a political satire and is very well worth the hour I spend in front of the television watching it. Unfortunately the season ended Friday but i’m excited to see what’s in store for the next season.

  17. says

    Alright, I do feel a bit ashamed right now… but I hadn’t ever seen Titanic until last summer. I absolutely loved it. I still cry every time I watch it, hehe! I’m looking forward to the 3D version which comes out in April. =)

  18. Maria José says

    My all time favorite book is J.R.R Tolkien Lord of the Rings ♥♥♥
    It has everythig i like, adventure, fun, romance and battles! =P

  19. Kristin T says

    I read a whole lot of books and my favorite is “Memoirs of a Geisha”. I first read the book five years before it became a movie and I read that book about twice a year.

  20. inycat says

    My doggy has been sick lately…so I’ve really been enjoying a book called Good Old Boy – lots of good information on dealing with an aging dog.

  21. Poli says

    My favorite show at the moment is New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is the perfect person to play the character of Jess. Jess is so fun and ‘spritzy’ and a bit ‘nerdy’ and a breath of fresh air, I love it. And I have a feeling her and Nick are definitely bound for each other or at least they will have some history. Their chemistry is sparking the fuse, even as friends at the moment.

    Happy Holidays!

  22. Aubrie Tansey says

    The movie i love right now has to be the help i just watched it last night nad loved it and really would like to read the book.. I also really like soul surfer!

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