Tom Ford Aphrodisiac #19 Lipstick









When I saw this new lip color from Tom Ford in the Neiman Marcus catalog I went a little weak. I drooled a little and then I figured I had to pick it up because things were getting too intense. I love TF lipstick but it’s an investment at $48 a tube. A serious investment (cha-CHING) not to be taken lightly and I must LOVE the color, not just like it.

My first lipstick from Tom Ford was Violet Fatale #17, I carry it in my purse and use it often. I also picked up Cherry Lush #10 and I use that quite a bit too. But the latest color Aphrodisiac could get more use than both of those colors put together. It’s a bright pink and my favorite thing to slap on my lips these days!

Please excuse my dry skin. My face is going through the change. I shed a layer of skin (almost) between Summer and Fall like a lizard or something. My lips do it also. That’s another story though.









The whole limited edition Fall/Winter Collection from Tom Ford looks great. I picked up Narcissist blush and the Tainted Love Lip and Cheek Stain also-I’ll review them soon! I had to start with this though. It’s my favorite thing. I picked my collection pieces up at Neiman Marcus so please check there before these products are all gone!

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  1. Africanorchid says

    Yeah I am gonna have to bite the bullet and rub the wallet to get money out of it, and order me some Tom Ford goodies. I love that lipstick the lip and cheek tint and also the blush. Uh oh, my wallet just let out a loud scream. LOL
    I also got my Urban Decay Vice Palette in the mail today too Crystal. I guess it was worth it to stay up until after 3am to order it. Gonna try these colors and see how they make me smile. :-)
    Can’t wait for your review of the palette .

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