Tom Ford Narcissist Blush-Is Amazin!

Tom Ford Narcissist Blush, $55 (Limited Edition)

When I saw this blush I lost my mind a little. Not a little ok A LOT. It’s just the perfect bright fuchsia blush and I have nothing like it! I got it from Neiman’s and just looked at it for a few weeks. Seriously I did. I couldn’t touch it.









See? I just looked at this darn blush for weeks! Ok here are some swatches. This is a bright shade and I use serious caution. If you are a fair skinned girl use SUPER SERIOUS caution. This does have great lasting power and doesn’t fade out later in the day which is good. It’s bright and beautiful all day long.









Love this. It’s limited edition so hunt this DOWN quick! So glad to add this to my stash. Do you like TF blushes? I have one other shade called Flush and I use it but Narcissist is really becoming a staple. I think that’s it for me for a while from Tom Ford. Can’t throw down $55 on a blush often. Maybe in 2013 I’ll get another:)

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  1. Barbette says

    Ouch $55 but it’s sooo purdy :-) Since it’s my birthday month I may consider. I’m gifting myself a few things in addition to one extravagent cosmetic purchase. This might fit the bill.

  2. Sarah S. says

    Oooooh! This is downright gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll totally rock it! Sadly, I think I may be too pale to pull it off. :(

  3. Tonya says

    OMG! I think my heart skipped a beat. LOL. I’ve had my eye on this blush for a while and just haven’t been able to rationalize $55 for a blush. I didn’t realize it was limited edition so I might just have to buy it now.

  4. Goddesslily says

    I’ll have to pick that one up since it’s LE, I also have Flush and Wicked, girl…. you got to get Wicked, it’ll make your husband chase you around all night!

  5. Rene says

    So beautiful. Do you have the Kevyn Aucoin blush in Myracle? Its a similar shade (neon pink) but I wonder about how they compare as to pigmentation, longevity etc.

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