Tom Ford Violet Fatale #17 Lipstick









Make no mistake this shade is the BUSINESS. I couldn’t love it more. As soon as I saw the new lipstick shades in the new packaging on all my favorite blogs I was drawn to this color. It’s really bold and so vibrant. This is my first ever Tom Ford lipstick and at $48 a tube it’s not going to be a habit!

I really had to pick a color that I couldn’t live without and this is it!









I must say again that I love the presentation. The case is beautiful, I love everything about it. The lipstick itself is pretty special too. It’s not the most moisturizing lipstick. I didn’t expect it to be though. It’s better than Mac moisture wise but not buttery and smooth like a YSL Rouge Volupte. But the color-I can’t get this color out of either of those brands. This is going directly in the purse-holy grail territory! I’m going to wear this color out!

Rated B+

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

Please check these beautiful new shades from Tom Ford out on your next visit to the department store. They have some beautiful red’s in the line and I might get weak and pick up one of those in the next few months. Here is a quick look at the beautiful shades available…..I think I’m going to have to check out Cherry Lush:)

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  1. GR says

    Thanks for the nice swatches of Violet Fatale and it looks lovely on you. I have yet to own a Tom Ford lipstick and once I do, this will be one of those shades. I am wondering if this is similar to MAC Violetta or MAC Petals and Peacocks?

    • says

      Thanks:) I don’t have either of those lipsticks, I almost got Violetta a while ago. It’s coming out again in the last of the many Mac Collections this month. I might have to compare them then, I always hear great things about Violetta.

  2. says

    That is so gorgeous, I think I just fainted. Violet Fatale was *made* for you. I swear to god an angel just got her wings!

    Unfortunately, I had to go and read the ingredients and learned these lipsticks contain gluten. So I will have a very sad little funeral for my two Tom Ford lipsticks and put them into the next blog sale box. *sobs*

    • says

      I love that color, it’s something I did the little happy lipstick dance after putting it on the first time:) Oh no its got gluten in it. That is so crazy and sad. I loved the red on you and the white packaging made me want to hunt down Morroccan Red before its gone. I’m sooo sorry!

  3. GR says

    You’re welcome, Crystal! Violetta is indeed pretty, appears to be more matte than Violet Fatale, based from your photos above. I would love to read a review/comparison once you find Violetta in the nearest future. I wish Tom Ford isn’t too expensive, all the colors are gorgeously pigmented… I like!

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