Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Palette (Quick Swatches!!)

Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things, $56 at Sephora

I loved the Sound of Music as a kid. We watched it every year on TV faithfully. So I knew I wanted to check this palette out from Too Faced. Once I started looking at the eyeshadow shades I got really excited. Ok SUPER excited. I love pigmented smooth shadows and Too Faced is always a good brand to bet on. They don’t make many mistakes!

Take a look at the swatches for these shades!









Snowflakes, Whiskers on Kittens, Chocolate Milk, Moon on Their Wings, and Dark Chocolate









Cream Colored Ponies, Honey Honey, Buche de Noel, Evergreen, and Blue Satin Sashes









Coquet, Taffy, Crisp Apple Strudel, Woolen Mittens, and Soiree









Tinsel, Bluff, Ooh la Orchid, Party Time, and Pure Glam

I love this palette! These colors are amazing. I mean they covered so many finishes and types of shadows. There is something for more natural looks as well as some crazy/fun looks. By that I am talking about the beauty that they are calling Party Time. Now thats a cool shadow. Blue Satin Sashes isn’t half bad either. I even like the blushes! Melt into Spring looks so great on. My cheeks love it. And Sun Bunny is really pretty on my lids!









Raindrops on Roses, Melt into Spring, Chocolate Soleil, and Sun Bunny

I am going to pass the included Lip Injection Color Bomb shade Bee Sting on to a friend. It’s a bit light for me. The mini Better Than Sex Mascara has another friends name on it. I was not a big fan of the full sized tube when I tried it not long ago. It’s not horrible but its not something I’d purchase again either.

I think this is sold out on the Sephora website. I highly recommend this one. Get IT if you come across it.


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  1. says

    *swoons* these eyeshadows are gorg! I can’t stand it! I think I’m gonna cave and get this. *searches for more pennies. The Sound of Music is my ish! Did you see that Carrie Underwood is doimg a live remake? Not sure how I feel about that. Some classics need to be left alone!

    • says

      I saw that she’s doing that. I really like her voice and since I don’t listen to country music this might be the only time I get to hear her since American Idol:)

  2. Lisa C says

    I adore this palette. We also watched that movie every year. I even introduced it to my two girls and they loved it as well. Especially the puppet show and the song “so long farewell” It’s on my bucket list to visit Austria and see where they filmed everything.

    But I originally couldn’t decide between this and Joy to the Girls. I ended up getting “Joy” and now I wish that I picked this one up instead. I may just do a return and get this. Luckily my store still has some!
    And isn’t the Melt into Spring blush just beautiful?

    Oh, check this out!
    BETHPAGE, N.Y. — It’s the first day of camera blocking for a rehearsal of NBC’s live broadcast of the original stage version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music (Thursday, 8 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT). Inside a Long Island studio, a pop star, a posse of kids and an actor best known for playing a vampire are rehearsing scenes on a facsimile of a grand estate in Salzburg, Austria.

    • says

      I took a long hard look at Joy to the Girls also. Too Faced put out some tempting things this year! Oh boy I hope its going to be a great show I want it to go well for them I just love that they are doing a classic like this!

  3. BB says

    I almost picked this up a few times. The last time I swatched it I didn’t love a lot of the colors, especially those light browns. Maybe because the tester had been used and abused? I may see if it’s still around.

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