Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer For Bitten




For Bitten .5 oz. $7.50 at Ulta





I really like Ulta nail polish. They have some really nice colors and at $7.50 a bottle the price is right! I picked this color up along with a few other shades but this is the one I wanted to try first! Such a beautiful color. The shimmer goes from red to purple to even gold depending on the light. In low light it looks like black slightly sparkly polish. It’s hard as heck to capture the sparkle in this polish picture wise. It requires effort let me tell you!

Here are my best pictures out of a zillion shots I took! Whew anyway this color is beautiful. Check it out on your next visit to Ulta!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Daphnee says

    Ulta has a 20% coupon starting today…..unfortunately, the coupon excludes prestige cosmetics ( I think that includes UD, Smashbox, etc). Maybe I’ll check out the nail polishes….

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