Urban Decay Naked 3…Yay or Nay?

So Temptalia’s review is up (check it out here) and I’d like to know….are you going to bite or do you think you’ve had enough of being Naked??

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  1. Marieaus says

    I think I will because pinks and browns are my weaknesses, plus the packaging is sooooooo pretty !! but I might sell my barely-used Naked 2

  2. Destine2grow says

    I bought the first one when it came out but I have not bought the 2nd one yet. With that being said I am going to purchase the second one for sure! I full like I need them all, especially since I mostly wear a neutral eye! How ever I wish the third one had a little more colors such as mauve, pink brown etc…

  3. Amber G says

    I haven’t indulged in any of the other Naked palettes but the pink and brown tones in this one is really calling my name!! I love it.

  4. Charissa says

    I don’t own any of the naked palettes, but this looks like one I can use everyday. I may have to give in and join the naked following.

  5. Nikki says

    I just ordered the first naked palette from ulta but when I saw this I was like yes I have to have it, something about the pink tones!

  6. Mary says

    When I first saw it on the UD website you could just get a glimpse of the colors. The picture looked fantastic. I DO like the colors, but when I saw them swatched I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because some of them are so close and there’s not enough variation?? I’ll just have to see it in person and make my decision then.

    • Mary says

      Actually, I put a picture of the Naked 3 and the Laura Mercier Artist’s palette next to each other and I’m thinkin’ the Mercier palette might have a better range. Not sure.

  7. Chris Undow says

    Not sure how many more neutrals I need. Can’t believe there were enough to make another palette. I don’t ownany Nakeds (yet) because of the price tag. The holiday Smashbox palette is around the same price but has so much more.

  8. Gloria says

    I need this in my life! I am loving the pinks and brown. This is up my alley. I am gonna get it for sure. Thanks for posting this pic!

  9. Charise says

    I am very interested in this pallet it seems to suit my very fair skin well but I have to see it in person to make sure the colors are not too dark

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