Urban Decay Oz Palettes Theodora & Glenda on urbandecay.com!

I heard these should be in Ulta and Sephora around the 25th of this month for $49 each but they are up on the Urban Decay website this afternoon!

I picked up the Theodora palette, I’ll swatch it when it comes!

Glinda Palette

Theodora Palette

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  1. Chrissy says

    Ugh I’m so in love with ud shadows and wizard of oz is my all time fav movie ( probably cuz I live in Kansas) so I just ordered both of them today!! Bad for my wallet :$

  2. Nobu says

    You know what would’ve been cool, if they also included 6 (or even 1) empty single shadow cases so you can take just one shadow with you! It would’ve been helpful for those of us who don’t have their single shadows. Or perhaps this was their ploy to get you to but the singles…lol

    • says

      I’ve read that you can pop in replacement shadows after your done with these but you make an excellent point and now I’m wondering if the shadows come with caps or like the individual ones do.

  3. Stacie says

    I’m a palette hoarder. And also a packaging junkie. You know I had to get both! I just left a comment on Temptalia’s review asking about lids for the individual shadows. I’ll come back and let y’all know what I find out!

    • says

      That would be great I’m so curious now! I’m a palette freak and packaging also-I just have learned to give in to it. I can list every single time I passed on something good! I am the girl who left Sephora without the UD Alice and Wonderland palette and couldn’t get it for weeks after…

      • Stacie says

        I just heard back from Christine. They just come in the palette. No case. Boo. But I guess we can still switch them around between palettes so we can make our “ideal” mix of Glinda and Theodora. I do really like that!

  4. Barbette says

    I need to see these in person because the shadows aren’t really impressing me in the pictures. Can’t wait to see the swatches. I’m holding out for the MAC foolishness that will take place on Feb 7 any way.

  5. Alyssa says

    Just got these on sephora!!! Can’t wait for them to come! :D annoying that they’re $49 to keep the free shipping away from you though! Typically I buy gift cards for my sephora purchases at giant eagle so I get fuel perks aka free gas (so I can justify my obsession) but they only sell $25 ones and with sephora.com being annoying in the rear and only letting you use 2 cards per checkout…. smh that’s not right but still really excited about my palettes!

  6. Africanorchid says

    Just ordered the Theodora palette from Sephora. As much as i love me some purple shadow. the Glinda palette just didn’t have much else in there except that purple shadow to warrant plunkin down the $49. But. i am sure i will loove the Theodora. :-)

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