Victoria’s Secret Perfect Lipstick-Heated

This is a lipstick shade that I got weeks ago from the Love Me Wild Collection at Victoria Secret. It’s limited edition and the tube is just gorgeous isn’t it? I love the shade it’s called Heated but that’s where my love affair with this lipstick takes a turn….

My lips crave moisture so this wasn’t the best lipstick for me. I definitely needed gloss over top this lipstick to get through several hours without the dryness bothering me. This formula is described as rich and creamy but  it wasn’t creamy enough for me! It’s such a great shade though. It looks amazing on. I usually use gloss with lipstick anyway but just thought I’d let you know that this is along the lines of Mac lipstick-really beautiful shades but kind of DRY.

It’s $14 a tube and there are four beautiful shades in this small collection. It’s worth checking out I’d say!

Rated B-

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Deena says

    The packaging looks really nice!! I need to try out some of these lipsticks out! Do they ever have any sales on them?

    • says

      I’m new to getting Victoria Secret makeup so I am not sure. That would be great though. The gloss is $10 and good. I’d love to get a discount on that! I love the one I got so much.

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