VLOG: Sally Hansen Wants Us to Have Fuzzy Coat Nails…

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  1. otti says

    I’ve noticed that texture is the hot issue this spring & summer. Fuzzy nails is the trend of the year, almost any brand has recently launched its fur-effect nail polish. How do you like them? I’m not very much into this trend yet.

    • says

      Well I almost always end up ruining each brands efforts by putting on a top coat. I really love a glossy finish so I love how textured polish looks but I’m afraid I take out all the real texture by choice.

      • otti says

        Same problem here, I cannot stand a rough or gritty texture on my nails… so, same as you do, I always, always end up applying a top coat and taking away their final effect… They look lovely but I’ll skip them.

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