Wen Girls-Did You Get the Fall Apple Spice Seasonal?

Wen Fall Apple Spice Seasonal 16 oz. Cleansing Conditioner, $29 at QVC Item A238225

I’m a little crazy about Wen. Ok a lot crazy. I started using the cleansing conditioners on my very damaged relaxed hair in June. I had tried Wen before and returned it. Turns out I wasn’t using it correctly. I decided to give it another try and I’m so glad I did! My hair is healthier and shiner than its EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE. I even had to confess what I was doing to my hair stylist. She noticed the dramatic difference in how healthy my hair is. I told her that it’s gotta be the Wen!

Once I started using my first bottle back during the first week of June (Summer Mango Coconut) I became a little crazy about the various seasonal scents. I just washed my hair this morning with Fall Ginger Pumpkin which was a previous (now discontinued seasonal) scent that I got it off Ebay. See I am crazy-told ya! I had to smell it and I’m so glad I picked it up! I love the seasonals. Anyway I was eager to smell Chaz Dean’s new Fall scent. I love the smell of apples so I had some serious expectations.

I ordered the TSV that aired yesterday on QVC in early August because I couldn’t wait till the presentation on the 31st. Mmmmhmmm crazy. It was $60 and on 3 easy pays then. Take a look at that before I even go further…the price today went up to $72.

Item A236839 Includes:

  • 32-fl oz Cleansing Conditioner with matching 2-fl oz Treatment Oil in choice of Pomegranate, Sweet Almond Mint, Tea Tree, Lavender, Fig, or Cucumber Aloe
  • 16-fl oz Fall Apple Spice Cleansing Conditioner
  • 2-fl oz Fall Apple Spice Replenishing Treatment Mist

I broke open Fall Apple Spice recently and I love it! I think it smells like butter pecan ice cream. My husband who lives for Fall thinks it smells like a Butterfinger candy bar! You should have seen it when the package came to the house. I broke it open and peeled off the seal on Fall Apple Spice and started sniffing it. I expected a stronger apple scent but the apple is lighter. The overall scent is more appealing than I expected even as much as I love apple. It smells like food. I happen to love food so its a perfect fit.

As much as I love the seasonals I have some core collection favorites from Wen. Those are Fig, Pomegranate, and Tea Tree. I use and love his Styling Creme and Six Thirteen which is his power packed hair treatment. Oh yeah and the Re-Moist. Best and most dramatic hair fixer ever. Want baby soft healthy looking hair? Get Re-Moist.

Let me know if you use Wen or got the seasonal. I’d love to know!

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  1. says

    I waiting on the 32oz auto delivery later this month. Glad to hear from someone I know using it. It’s gotten mixed reviews on the QVC boards. Now I can’t wait to try since I’m getting low on the last 2 seasonals I have.

  2. Aerika says

    I’m really crying inside that I let this one get by me. I’d ordered the Fig gallon so I really didn’t pay attention to this TSV. I’ve always been a fig girl because it was advertised as the best for ethnic hair. Because of this, I’ve hesitated to try any other scents. You’ve made this sound absolutely delicious and I’m wishing I’d gotten it. I’ll keep an eye out now for any other seasonal TSVs.

    • says

      I didn’t do the gallons since I was new to Wen so I’ve loaded up on past seasonals and really gotten into them. But like always-this morning in fact I always mix them with Fig because I do think thats fantastic for my ethnic hair. I love fig its so moisturizing. If I got a gallon that would most likely be the one! In a short few months the winter seasonal will be released. I can’t wait to see what it is!

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