(CLOSED)Wet n Wild Lipstick Giveaway!

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Here’s the video from YouTube where I swatch all the lip colors that are up for grabs!

You can win all 9!!! Use the Rafflecopter Giveaway below!

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  1. amanda says

    The like the WNW trios (especially silent treatment) and their old six pan palettes (especially Lust)- I’ve never tried any lippies

  2. Ashley says

    Surprisingly, I really like WnW mascara. It’s cheap, and it does the job well! The megalength in the waterproof formula does wonders for my lashes!

  3. Nea Hall says

    I love the MegaLast Lip collection. I own 14 different shades and was surprised to see Rose Bud and Ravin Raisin because I haven’t seen them in any NYC drugstores. My favorite color is Purty Permission. Hope I win. Have a great day Crystal!

  4. Christina says

    I love the WnW eyeshadow palettes that were sent to me from the US. Would love to try the lipsticks.Thanks for your great videos.Love from sunny Greece.

  5. rhona says

    I used to use Wet N Wild when I was younger but now it is hard to find here in Ontario “Canada. My old time fav was the quick dry nail polish topcoat.

  6. Nyree A. says

    I love the eyeshadow trios, the 6-pan, 8-pan and singles. I love the MegaLast lipsticks and the pot cream eyeliners too! I use Wet’n'Wild products just about every day!

  7. Shayla says

    Omg I only have one of the colors that you mentioned in the video. I am going hunt those bad boys down. I never win anything soooo I’ll have to find them. Whoop Whoop Thanks for the giveaway

  8. Angelina says

    Thank you for the giveaway Crystal!

    We used to have WnW in my local grocery store like 2 years ago. But they replaced it with some other brand instead unfortunately :( I wasn’t really in to makeup back then, but I remember that I thought everything was super cheap (makeup in Sweden is otherwise really overpriced). I did try the mega protein mascara which i quite liked I think, haha. But I would really wan’t to try some more things like their eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks:)♥

  9. Ishola says

    I’ve never used wet and wild lipsticks as they are not sold in the UK but I’ve heard so many good reviews on them I really want cherry picking and spiked with rum!

  10. Giulia says

    I’ve never tried WnW… there are not so popular in Italy… i hope to see them in my town because this lipticks look amazing <3 I love this lipsticks more than the other WNW products

  11. Natali says

    My favorite WnW lipstick is Purty Persimmon (it was hard for me to decide either this one or V.I.Pink, but at the end I decided on Purty b/c it was an unique color).

  12. Kimbie says

    I love the selection of brights and wearables that you were able to showcase in the video. I didn’t know they had some with SPF 15. That’s my favorite type.

  13. Molly says

    I love their eyeshadows. The comfort zone palette and I was fortunate enough to find/hunt down Nude Awakening. I’ve never tried their lipsticks because my WnW displays are usually empty or picked over so this is so exciting. Thanks for all you do Crystal!

  14. Michelle S. says

    Crystal the swatches in your video of these colors are amazing!! I definitely need to add these colors to my lipstick wardrobe and if I can be lucky enough to be the winner that you pick, so much the better. Thanks for doing all that you do for your subscribers to keep us in the know and to share things with us. I appreciate you and look forward to your videos and articles.

  15. ivana says

    my fav w n w product is their ultimate brow kit, the mega last lipsticks, the trios, the blushes, the coverall powder, aaaah i love w n w!

  16. Stephanie says

    My fave Wet n Wild products are their eyeshadow quads they are great quality and come with a good selection. Also love their mega last lipsticks. The price point is great. Good luck to us all

  17. Shaun Richardson says

    I never use the wet n wild product because they don’t sell it her in the UK but I heard alot about their product from YouTube

  18. Hagar M. says

    Great video, never bothered with the Wet N Wild products since I’m always afraid that colour payoff will be awful. Anyway, I really like the rose coloured lipstick and the red lip gloss. Have a great day, xox.

  19. Stephanie D says

    I love your video..thanks for the swatches it really helps on what to get…I love the megalast lipstick & their eyeshadows are lovely. Thanks for this giveaway :)

  20. Erica says

    I love all of the wet n wild products. I go we back with them, nice to see the improvements to the brand over the last while. Would love to win we do not have the Fergie collection here in Canada and am dying to try it. Thanks.

  21. Charise says

    I have one Wet N Wold lipstick and I love it. I want to get more, I also love their eye shadows 1. because they are pigmented and 2. they have a lot on MAC diuped since I don’t have a MAC income they are perfect.

  22. Helen Obermeier says

    Since i bought my first Mega lastlipstick this summer in the States, i love them. It’s unfortunate, but we cant really get them over here in Germany.

  23. Nikola says

    I never try these or any Wet n Wild product but I am really interest with them!! Maybe one day I will try them when someone ship them to europe:)

  24. johnnel says

    You were actually the one who got me hooked on the Wet N Wild Lipsticks.

    So I would absolutely love to win all those wonderful shades.

    Please choose me please!!!

  25. Sarah says

    Unfortunately, I have never tried any of the wet n wild products cos they don’t sell it in my country… thank you so much for doing this giveaway :)

  26. Alii says

    I love the wet n wild eye shadows and lipsticks…people say because they are a cheap product they may not last long but i have so many different products from different lines and i always go back to wet n wild because the quality is there for such a non expensive product

  27. Chrissy says

    Besides the color icon trios that I love I haven’t ventured out much to try their other products! I know all there products are great but I have bad memories of what the brand used to be like!!!

  28. Alex says

    The liquid colour looks interesting, I am always looking for things that last a long time on the lips, I always forget to reapply throughout the day

  29. diana says

    Crystal i must say i m super excited about these lipsticks and u givaway.I havent tried wet and wild lipsticks as we cant get them here so i m keeping my fingers crossed :) love love all u vids and vlogs from BBB

  30. claire says

    Hi, I love the look of the colour Rosebud… very pretty! I only own, It’s A Girl which is a gorgeous coral which I got in a swap as I live in the UK. Thanks for this fab giveaway :) xx

  31. Camille says

    I am loving the lipsticks, started with that sugar plum fairy (dupe for MAC rebel, which I love)it was amazing, the color was so pretty. So now I look for the dupe videos and buy me some Wet n Wild lipsticks!

  32. Adelina says

    My favorite Wet n’ Wild lipstick is 521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl. I hope to try others. Thank you for the giveaway Crystal.

  33. Camille says

    I am loving the lipsticks, I started with that sugar plum fairy (dupe for MAC rebel, which I love)it was amazing, the color was so pretty. So now I look for the dupe videos and buy me some Wet n Wild lipsticks!

  34. says

    I would love to win this lippies! I can’t find them in any of my local stores.
    My favaorite product is their 8 pan eyeshadows. I have 2 of them, Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher.

  35. MiMi says

    My favorite WNW products are the 6-pan shadows with a close second being the trio shadows! I have many of their lipsticks too because many are matte and I can top them with a gloss if I want – helps to use up the gloss collection I have amassed :)

  36. Amanda says

    I love the megalast lipstick line! I have so many of them, although there are a few shades that escape me. My drugstores need to restock!

  37. Anneli says

    Yes, my favorite Wet’n'wild product is their Black nailpolish. It’s a true one coater and by far the best basic black creme nailpolish I’ve tried, it’s perfect for nail art or as a base for something else. :)

  38. Deborah says

    I don’t own any wet n wild products because of my parents (strict Christians) but now since I’m 19 I’d love to own some.

  39. JoJo says

    I’ve heard of Wet n Wild from YouTube (it isn’t sold here) so when I was in Boston on vacation I grabbed a few.
    I am so pleased and happy I bought these! I picked up 3 lipsticks and an eyeliner. I love em and just last night I wore WnW lipstick Think Pink 901b. I hope I win these!

  40. Heather USA says

    I love way too many WnW products so being as this is about their lipsticks ~ my current favorite WnW megalast shade is Cherrybomb!

  41. Deborah says

    My favorite Wet n Wild product is the color Icon eye shadow trio! I love the Megalast lipstick too, Well, maybe I love almost all of the Wet n Wild products!!!

  42. says

    I have one of Wet’n'Wild’s MegaLast lipsticks in a red color — not the one you showed, and I LOVE it. I always intend to buy more, but I get distracted in the drugstore by all the new displays and such.

  43. Marieaus says

    I’ve never tried any WnW products as they are so hard to get here ^^ thanks for another great giveaway !!! (and fingers crossed the international winner trend continues lol)

  44. Rebekah says

    I love WnW eye shadows and the Megalast nail polishes. I put on “Under Your Spell” last night, it’s a great Fall nail color.

  45. Michele Q says

    Hi Crystal! I just want to tel you that i absolutely love your videos, your hauls and swatches, one of my favorites youtubers girl! Thank you!!

  46. Michele Q says

    And my favorite products of wet n wild are the coverall face powder and the megalast lipstick, love them!! i’ve never see those colors that you swatch in my stores. Thank you!

  47. Alex P says

    Eeekkkk, those are so pretty!! I’m usually a balm girl because I just slather things on as I get ready for work but those simply beautiful colors. I’ve only worn WNW’s eyeshadows but I must go out and buy at least one of these to try out :)

  48. Janelle Sachie says

    I can’t quite remember the name of my favorite Wet n Wild product, but it was one of their old jumbo lip balms because it was the longest lasting balm I’d ever tried!

  49. Missy L. says

    My favorite Wet N Wild product is their stick concealer. I’ve been using it for the past 15 years, not even kidding! It’s my HG concealer because it stays put and matches my skin perfectly.
    I also like their eyeshadows.

  50. SamV says

    I love so many wet n wild products: the Fergie eyeshadow primer, the blushes, eye shadows, liquid liner, cream liner, pencil liner. I feel that I can afford to try every color since the price is so good. In fact, I own all but two of the core eye shadow pallets.

  51. Devan C. says

    I love Wet and Wild blushes! I also love their nail polishes, I probably have every color! I don’t have that many of their lipsticks though, so it’d be great to win!

  52. Erica says

    My all time favorite product from Wet n Wild is their eyeshadow trio in Walking On Eggshells. It’s such a pretty way to lightly add definition to my eyes everyday. Thanks for the awesome swatch videos!

  53. Kanika says

    I have never used their products as not available here… but as far as I have seen I really love their eye shadow trios.

  54. Deeksha says

    I don’t own any wet n wild products, again because I live in India and they don’t sell them here. But I would love to have some eye shadow trios or the 8 pan ones they just released. And yeah I’m a lipstick girl so the mega last line has always been on the list.

  55. scotchbonnett1940 says

    my favourite WetnWild product is the their cream eyelainer in BLaACK it stays on my super oily eyelids in any kind weather plus its very creamy and goes on very smoothly.

  56. Molly says

    I love me some wet n’ wild and have for *years*! It was one of the first makeup brands I owned and still own a ton of their products today, 25+ years later! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and good luck to all!

  57. Allison says

    I am in love with wet n wild..they are one of my favorite makeup brands at the drugstore. I love the color icon eyeshadows, blushes, and megalast nail polishes the most! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway :-)

  58. Nikole says

    My favorite Wet N Wild product is their blush in Mellow Wine. It is a perfect pink blush that looks like a natural flush on me or can be built up to handle my darker berry lip looks.

  59. René says

    I really like their blushes. I haven’t tried their lipsticks yet. I have a hard time finding a big selection of their products in Canada. Great give away!!

  60. Unekwu says

    Yes! My favorites are their liquid eyeliner…very good IMO and great price. And I LOVE their Megalast Lipsticks in Sugar Plum Fairy (Favorite), Cherry Bomb, and Mocha-licious. I generally don’t like matte lipsticks because they are so drying but I LOVE their lipstick!

  61. Josipa_K says

    Unfortunaly I dont have favorite Wet ‘n Wild product because I never try one. It can’t be bought in my country. :( But I want to try Wet ‘n Wild because I always read only good things about it.

  62. says

    I struggle to get Wet N Wild in the UK but I have managed to try a few of the eyeshadows and i absolutely adore the walking on eggshells palette. Very beautiful and natural. xxxxxxxxxxx

  63. Karen says

    My favourite Wet N Wild products have to be their eyeshadow palettes! They are so inexpensive and the pigmentation and colour range is unbelievable. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  64. Cacey says

    My fav Wet n Wild products are the 8-pan eyeshadow palettes, but I would love to try the lipstick in That’s Berry Beautiful.

  65. Michelle L says

    There are so many great WnW products, but I guess I’d have to say my favorites are the single eyeshadow in Nutty, the black creme eyeliner, and the giant-sized bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana.

  66. Doreene says

    My current fav is 907c Mauve Out of Here. I love love love that divinely chilled, but I have never seen it in my area.

  67. lteishajones says

    I love the Wet N Wild Megalast matte lipsticks. I really want to get my hands on Red Velvet, Sandstorm and In The Flesh. Unfortunately, my RiteAid lacks the color stock.

  68. michelle says

    I like the wet n wild eyeshadows. For the price I think they are great. I am on the hunt for the sparkle till morning palette.

  69. Marci says

    My favorite Wet n Wild product is lipstick. I have been wearing their lipsticks for years. They have a lot of nice colors to choose from.

  70. Jacqui says

    I love their megalast lipsticks! I haven’t seen any of those megalast colors you swatched in my drugstore yet. Hope to try them out soon!

  71. joanne killen says

    Loving the colours from wetnwild…I so wish they would ship internationally, would love to try out there products.

  72. Shweta Manohar says

    Wet and wild comfort zone eye palette is the one which I really like to use but it’s not available in India.

  73. Andrea says

    The only wet & wild products I own which were gifts are the Blue had me at Hello and the Silent Treatment pallet, and I love the pigmentation of them…I’d love to try other products but to get them where I live is difficult

  74. Jenelle Farmer says

    I recently purchased a WnW blush and eyeshadow trio
    while I was visiting my hubby in Nashville, now I am back in Australia
    and bummed that I didn’t pick up any lip colours :(
    I can’t wait until I can move to the US – make up is so much more affordable there lol
    Too expensive here in Australia!!! Thanks for the give away Crystal (and WnW) xoxo

  75. Rebecca says

    I have a tried a few wet and wild lipsticks and the matte ones are my absolute favorite. They are a little drying but with some lip balm underneath the colors all look great.

  76. Samantha says

    I love the wet and wild matte lipsticks ! At my kmart is were I find most of my wet n wild and they are only 1.99! Amazing giveaway !! And absolutely love your videos

  77. Helena says

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I must say that this brand is new for me (Helena Oops)bit the lipsticks looks great!
    have a nice weekend!

  78. Rangi says

    Unfortunately I don’t because they are not available in Sri Lanka, but it’s a brand I’ve always always wanted to try. Hopefully this time… :)

  79. says

    We dont have Wet n Wild here in Hungary, but I always check out the nail polish swatches. It’s a pretty great drogstore brand I think. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  80. Lissette says

    I just started my love affair with Wet & Wild and bought color icon eye shadow in Comfort zone #738 beautiful! and Mega last Lip color in bare it all (been using it every day). Tried to purchase a few more of the mega last but unfortunately the seal was broken on most of the other colors looked like someone had tried them:( the red gloss color looks amazing. thanks for the giveaway :):)

  81. Amanda says

    I love wet n wild! I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up a bunch of wet n wild in exchange for one more expensive item.

  82. Alexandra-elisabet Dorofte says

    I’ve never used a wet n wild product because thet don’t sell it in stores over here in Romania

  83. Samra says

    Never used it, because they are not available in cosmetic stores in my country, but their eye shadows looks amazing :)

  84. Gloria says

    I like the W&W nail polishes. My fave right now is a deep purple ‘disturbia,’ such a pretty color. I also like their lipsticks too! Thank you.

  85. Jennifer says

    Love, love, love their eyeshadow singles, trios, and 8-pan palettes! I have a few lippies and would love to try more!

  86. Natalie says

    Wet’n'Wild’s blush in Mellow Wine is my go to blush. I also love their eyeshadow singles (the matte black is fantastic) but the only lipstick I have from them is the Purty Persimmon.

  87. MarianaGuedes says

    I never used Wet and wild products because they’re not for sale where i live (Portugal). But i’d love to try them :)

  88. Jamie C. says

    My favorite Wet N Wild Product is the Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve My Cabana, but I use it as a highlighter right above the cheekbones because it gives my skina glow without a lot of shimmer.

  89. Vetta says

    I love the eyeshadow pallette! I don’t have to many of their lipsticks though just two red ones. Would love totry mmore

  90. Francesca says

    Okay, no judging me please, but I have never used a Wet & Wild product. Not sure why. It’s been around since I was a kid, but I just never really thought about buying anything of theirs. Over the years, I’ve been reading different blogs of how much the brand has progressed and the products are great now! This would be a great way to finally try Wet & Wild. And lipstick is my number two fave cosmetic after foundation! :)

  91. Nicollette says

    I LOVE the Mega Last lipsticks! The Color Icon eyeshadow is great as well, but I wish they wouldn’t break so easily…

  92. Katarina says

    I’ve never used Wet n Wild, it is not selling in my country, but I would love to try their lipsticks, they look so good!

  93. Leticia says

    I don’t have yet a favorite because it’s hard to find Wet n Wild products where I live but I have heard many positive comments about their lipsticks so I would love to win! ☺

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