Worst Experience-Bare Escentuals Store

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  1. Stephanie says

    I can’t believe that happened. No matter what you were in for she should have be helpful. I don’t know how she got a job there. Yes getting people to buy products is important but it’s not more important than costumer service. Not good

  2. Madelyn E says

    Crystal, I am so sorry about the shabby treatment you received at Bare escentials .. ( is it Escentials or minerals )? My heart goes out to you because this woman’s behavior was rude and unprofessional and moreover obnoxious ! She should not get away with it … Maybe consider writing a letter to the company execs .. you didn’t deserve this ! Their $$loss is Nordstrom’s gain…

    • says

      I think the company is Bare Escentuals and the products are Bare Minerals? Regardless thank you, I am going back to Nordstrom tomorrow to talk with the nice lady at the BE counter there. She wanted to show me some things I haven’t tried and I’d love to see. I love people that get excited about makeup and love showing off the products their company makes. Thats a great rep for their organization so I’ll stick with her!

  3. Nobu says

    This is not cool! Was this at the Tyson’s Corner mall (I remember some post you made that said you got things there..?). I was interested in trying BE stuff so I’ll make sure to not go there!

    • says

      hi-no at tyson’s corner i have had the best shopping experiences of my life! it’s not close to me and i go there anyway since everyone is so nice. this happened at the bare escentuals store in annapolis mall (westfield shopping) in maryland.

  4. says

    Wow that video with your social media profile is a PR’s rep worst nightmare. You and Mum will live on in infamy as part of BE’s customer service training. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a response on that level for a company to revamp their training. Nordstrom is always a good bet. Their service and Coach’s service are top notch. Let us know when they reach out to you with a response.

    On another note I got all three of the Chanel fashion night out polishes, but they cancelled my order of the provocante lipstick because it was sold out :(

    • says

      I’m glad you got the polishes but that such a shame about the Provocante lipstick. I saw that it was sold out on the site yesterday. I picked up three of the Rouge Allures yesterday and I’m in love with them. So nice! I’ll show them soon.

  5. Ruth says

    wow. I’m so sorry that happened to you. usually my experience in stores is that they look over me because I look younger than my actual age, so they don’t think that I have any money to spend. The Nordstrom Annapolis has the nicest people working the cosmetics counters. I was in there at Christmas time, crazy sick, and the woman at the Chanel counter was amazing! She helped me shop and pick out gifts for my mom because I really was just not up to it and Christmas was in like, three days.

  6. says

    That woman should have asked her associate to help you, at the very least. If I were you, I would contact the company directly to comment.

    In any case, your new color looks gorgeous– invisibly perfect.

    As for bad experiences, I haven’t had any recently.I feel pretty lucky about that.

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