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I don’t know about you but getting packages is one of my favorite things! I dazzle my husband with my ability to tell whether the UPS, FedEx, or regular mail truck is coming down our street. I can tell which truck it is no matter how loud the tv is or even if I’m in the shower. I moved into legendary status with that feat recently. I knew a new UPS package was at our door while I was in the bathroom showering and sure enough I was right!

All the wonderful delivery people know me and our mailman saw us leaving the house last Friday and held up a box he knew I’d want to see before we left. My husband got a big laugh out of that one…they both know I wouldn’t leave the premises without at least seeing who its from.

Today I got a surprise package from one of my best Youtube friends in Germany. Frankie does great Youtube videos. He’s a makeup master and one of the nicest guys I know. His channel luv2luv77 on Youtube features great products. And I love seeing products that aren’t available in the US that he loves as well. After a few packages/swaps between us I can tell you he really knows me. Gummy Bears, makeup, and chocolate as pictured above. I fancy myself a Gummy Bear purist and he never fails to hook me up with my favorite brand. He introduced me to a amazing makeup brand called P2 (fantastic lipstick) and sent me more of their stuff and his favorite concealer from Ellis Faas. I can’t wait to try it all!

Excuse me while I break open the chocolate bar and immediately try on my new lipsticks! Have a great day!


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