YSL Blush Radiance #05









I am on an excellent blush picking streak. I really love all the Fall collection blushes I’ve picked up and this one is the last one that I am reviewing because it’s my favorite. This is from YSL’s Fall 2011 collection. There are a few different blush shades available but this is the most pigmented (deep) shade that I thought would be good for my skin tone.

First off this might be the first little black storage pouch that I keep. I usually throw them away but this one is kind of useful. Inside the black velvety pouch is an inside pocket to store a cute little fan like blush brush. Such a good idea and cute! They definitely had convenience in mind. I like that. This is my first YSL powder blush. It retails for $45 and there are six shades available. From the picture above you can see that there are two shimmery squares and two more matte squares. When you mix these two types of finishes together what you get is a great result. The best qualities of both.

The difference between the two is very slight and depending on the light very hard to detect. But in most situations you can see the subtle shimmer color and how it really contrasts from the matte-ish squares. Hopefully you can see it in the pictures below. On the left side there is the shimmer finish and on the right the more matte version of the blush. It’s really hard to see isn’t it? In sunlight (left picture) and in low light (right picture) its hard to see. Well I tried:) I’m always gonna mix the two anyway. I like the way the mix looks and I think the shimmery finish would be to frosty looking without the matte color to balance it out.









This blush was fun to test out and as long wearing as they come. It doesn’t fade during the day and has great staying power on the cheeks. A light touch is best, this is really pigmented. It’s finely milled and it isn’t as powdery as the Chanel blushes that I got for Fall. I give it higher marks than the Chanel blushes. I can see this coming along with me on trips and because it’s less messy and powdery I really think that makes it more high-end worthy. Now the price is a jaw dropper but with all the qualities this has I kind of get it. Swatch these at your nearest YSL counter and you might get seduced into picking up one!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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