YSL Faux Cils Shocking Mascara-No.1 Deep Black









This is an interesting mascara. I love it but there are people out there that are not going to want to bother. I like thick, poofy, false looking lashes and I always have. I don’t care if I have to get the clumps out. With this mascara you really need to be patient and be ready to clean up extra product here and there. That being said I do love the end result. But if your a slap it on and go girl (like I am most times) this mascara may not be for you.

With the before and after I’m going to show you my wimpy lashes and what this mascara does for them. Here we go!







Before and After-two coats

Besides the fact that I need my eyebrows waxed I hope you get the idea that this looks pretty good. Personally I love it but since I’ve been using this I’ve noticed that you have to be on clump watch and the thick formula is your friend some days and some days its not. I have to wipe extra product off of the brush every other day and also have my lash brush on hand to help out when things get hairy/too clumpy. So basically this is a high maintenance mascara in my book. At $30 a tube that’s not gonna be worth it to some. If you want to spend that much loot and prefer less work (or none at all) I recommend Armani Eyes To Kill.

I haven’t had any issues with fallout and YSL Shocking lasts all day in 100 degree heat no problem! My lashes are slightly hard after using this but not stiff as a board which worries me. There are five other colors available besides black. I picked this up at Neiman’s. Check it out at the YSL counter on your next visit!

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