YSL Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow Quads



YSL Pure Chromatics Quads $48 each






So beautiful! New eyeshadow quads from YSL!

I have quite a few really pretty eyeshadow duos from YSL that I use regularly. I am a sucker for eyeshadows that you can use wet or dry so I was really excited about this new set of six Pure Chromatics quads when I heard about it. I love using eyeshadows wet because it makes the color more beautiful and intense.

There are six different quads in this collection and they are all beautiful but I’m only interested in two or three. But at $48 a pop I’ll end up with one maybe. Whew, YSL is beautiful but EXPENSIVE!

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      Yes, why can’t everything be $5 so I can have it ALLLLLLLL:) Wouldn’t that be great! I am going to have to swatch one of these quads in the department store and make sure its amazing:)

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