YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre #110 Lipstick

So far this holiday season some amazing reds have come out. But what about pinks? Well here is one that caught my eye recently! YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre #110 is HOT! It’s a pretty pink color with lots of sparkle and a frosty sheen. It’s a look at me color and the texture of it is a bit grainy to me but the trade-off here is an eye-catching lip that I just love.

I tried this with balm and without but the texture of the lipstick is grainy regardless. It must be all that sparkle infused in the formula. It gets stuck in the fine lines on my lips as does the color. I prefer using it on dry lips after experimenting, that’s the only way to get a smoother application and get the color to apply evenly. Using balm before applying the lipstick made the color come out patchy on my lips. So if you’re looking for something that you don’t have to babysit as much as this lipstick keep looking.

I found myself touching up with care throughout the day. This lasts a good 2-3 hours but needs to be touched up after meals and drinks which is average for most lipsticks I use. Even after a treatment with my favorite LUSH Lip Scrub, there is no difference. I thought maybe applying the lipstick would be easier. I was wrong. Even on smooth scrubbed lips, its touch and go. Here’s what it looks like. See how the color gets caught up in odd places? Grrr…









All that being said I still love this color. I have a strange and confusing love for this shade!

If you’d like something easier to work with but want something that will stand out I suggest you take a look at YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #7 Le Fuchsia Lipstick, reviewed here. I picked that up last summer and I love it.

Rated C

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