YSL Rouge Volupte Shine-Fuchsia in Excess #05









YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Fuchsia in Excess #05, $34 at Sephora

Jinx loves lipstick. It’s her favorite makeup item and it fills me with rage. Whenever she sees tubes on the ground she kicks them all over the place and unwatched will roll them under tables. I swear she is laughing behind my back about the fact that my lippies are gone. While cleaning up my makeup stash yesterday I found three tubes under a table after sorting through my shades. Three tubes that I figured were gone months ago. Sneaky arse Jinx…

Anyway I love YSL Rouge Volupte Shines. The release months ago was one I was waiting for and boy did they deliver. I showed you two colors in posts back in February. Fuchsia in Rage and Pink in Devotion. I think that Fuchsia in Excess is perfect to round out the colors I have. I still have my eye on Corail Incandescent #12 but if I stopped here I’d be good.








These feel moisturizing on the lips and the pigmentation is great. And they are fun to wear. Swatch them on your next visit to Sephora. I think you’ll enjoy them if your okay with touching up every few hours. Take a look at all the shades they have! There is one you will love and be a great fit.

Excuse me while I go see what Jinx is up to. I bet she’s sitting on my makeup vanity chair taking a nap or something. Did I mention she likes hanging out there? She does…

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