YSL Spring 2013 Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Collection

I told you about these a while ago. It looks like they are finally coming to stores!

I saw them on Sephora’s website and on the Nordstrom website also! They are $34 each WOW! But I think Fuchsia in Excess, Pink in Devotion, and Fuchsia in Rage are worth checking out soon for me:)

See anything you like?

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  1. Africanorchid says

    Hi Crystal. Yesss I saw these on Nordie’s website. I am about to lose my mind…so many to choose from. lol They are all so nice. but i don’t want all of them. i really have to sit down and figgy out which ones i truly want. And i assure you… it will be more than one. HA!


  2. Alena N. says

    Wow… They are here again and… I am obsessed with at least three or four. Too bad I need a really reach boyfriend to satisfy all my crazy makeup-wishes. But I will get one or two of them as soon as I can))))

  3. says

    You are such an enabler! I can’t wait to tr these, but I think I’ll wait till some store has a beauty event & I can get some free gifts & try to feel a ill less guilty for spending that much on lipstick!

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