Zoya BOGO Nail Polish Haul

Earlier this month Zoya had a great BOGO event. I decided to get some of the colors from the Gems & Jewels Collection they came out with recently and a nice pink shade called Tobey.

Here is a closer look at what I got. Zoya nail polishes are $8 each so getting four colors for $16 was a good deal.

Kissy, Tobey, Rina, and Twila








Kissy and Tobey







Rina and Twila

Kissy, Tobey, Rina, and Twila

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  1. candice says

    Crystal do you have a ytube vid on your nail polish collection??? I got this email earlier in the month for the BOGO but i kinda thought i have to many polishes in my collection right now so i didn’t order anything…also can we have some NOTD’s please on this collection!!!!

    • says

      No I don’t have a video just on my nail polishes. I have a makeup collection video I did recently and I show my nail polishes and where they are stored. Sure I’ll show some NOTD looks with these soon!

  2. T.R. says

    Okay Crystal you and I are on a roll….lol here are my four: Smoke and Mirrors Collection – Neeka, Yara, Jem & Petra. I didn’t see the Gems Collection. Hmmmm where was I looking. :O)

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