Are You Interested in Urban Decay’s New Perversion Mascara?


So I must say from the instant I heard about this I was all over it. I have a thing for Urban Decay’s Perversion line of products. I am currently working my way through my second Perversion eyeliner pencil in less than a year.  I tested out and loved the Perversion Ink for Eyes liquid liner a few months ago as well as the Waterproof Cream eye liner in a pot with the Perversion angled liner brush. Yes-I even purchased the brush. See it’s a sickness!

I think the reason that I love everything so much is because all the products are so darn BLACK. I mean super duper dark black. One of my biggest pet peeves is black eyeliner that has a green or blue tint to it over time. Those are the first liners to disappear on me. They never make it in my waterline. And that was my problem with the Urban Decay Zero pencil liner (24/7 range I think) when I started using that. It wasn’t really black to me. I want bottomless pit black!

So I got the Perversion mascara set this morning. It includes a sample of Subversion Lash Primer.


From Urban

Get bigger, blacker, badder lashes with our ultra-creamy, lengthening and volumizing mascara. Includes a deluxe sample of Subversion Lash Primer! So intense you might need a safe word, Perversion glides on and gets you sexy in one stroke. (Yet it won’t quit until you say when.) It’s insane how black it is…the purest, deepest, most intense black color imaginable. 

Perversion has a creamy, full-bodied texture that’s not too dry, not too wet. This allows just the right amount of “pull” so it glides through lashes. The result: incredible control for insane lashes. Go ahead and pile on coat after coat. Want to apply more before you go out at night? No problem. Even if it’s been all day since you applied, more Perversion always means more beautiful lashes. Our formula NEVER gets brittle or clumpy. 


The set retails for $22. I have the Urban Decay discount and it applied for this purchase so I should get my order later this week. I can’t wait to try it!

Are you interested in this new mascara from Urban Decay? Let me know!

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  1. Kica says

    I kinda am interested but I’m going to wait for your review. Did you review the liquid liner? At the moment I’m really interested in their upcoming Pulp Fiction collex.

    • says

      Yes I reviewed the liquid liner and cream liner & brush in a Chopping Block round of videos. The lipstick from the Pulp Fiction collection looks gorgeous!

  2. Kimberly Hardin says

    This was my 1st time trying any of the Perversion line & I must say……I’m not impressed! Of course tho, I’m a huge fan of They’re Real by Benefit & The Rocket by Maybelline so, it’s kinda hard 2 impress me with anything else. I have short, limp lashes & the Perversion just did nothing 4 me! Just my opinion but, I’ll stick 2 my 2 favorites, lol! I hope it works 4 u tho, Crystal :)

  3. Nia says

    I wonder if it will be as black as the liner. That would be great. I’ve never liked any of the Urban Decay mascaras.

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