Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0- The Happy Place

I love Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadows and when I saw this quad on QVC I knew I wanted it. It’s called The Happy Place and it’s my favorite quad from them ever.

The Happy Place, $30

I’ve posted on two other Ready Quads (The A List & The Dream Sequence) and I love those but this one is perfection. The Happy Place is perfect for use every day and I love all four shades in the quad. I am going to use the heck out of this palette because there are so many fun looks that can be created with the colors. I love the pretty mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades. In my opinion thats a must for a palette because I can’t do all shimmer looks. I look like I have disco balls for eyes! Mixing matte and shimmer shades creates a prettier eye look in my opinion.

The Happy Place has four great shades:

Peace- a matte muted apricot shade

Imagine- a metallic rose gold shade

Exhale- a matte smoky taupe shade

Euphoria- an eggplant sheen shade















Peace, Imagine, Exhale, and Euphoria swatched (left to right)

This is available on the QVC website and on the Bare Escentuals site. It’s limited edition so get it before its gone forever! If you’d like to see the first look I created with this palette from a great video on BE’s YouTube channel here it is! Try it:)

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  1. says

    ever, ever…ever, ever…lol! ok don’t mind me. i got this from ulta. i may have used it once. i’ve soooooo been neglecting my ready shadows. think i’ll recycle out some current play around with shadows with my ready ones. so much pretty, so little time and one face ha!

    • says

      I thought I would be happy with the purple (READY quads) but this one is really good. I think that it’s my last quad for a while but I got my first 8.0 palette from last weekends QVC order today:) I got that 11 piece kit they had and more Moxie gloss sets too. Mally’s on tomorrow. I might get sucked into that if I’m not careful!

      • says

        yaaaay! i was going to tweet you about the 11 piece kit. i didn’t get it but probably will pick it up later. usual i get an end of the year easy pay offer. i’m still debating on the purple ready quad. there a purple lancome one i’ve had my eye on. debated on the 8.0 one too lol. didn’t jump on it right away since the ones from last year are still on sell on BE’s site. I have one Moxie set on my wish list but I want to wait until I get my last shipment from last’s November TSV so I don’t duplicate colors. Some posted on the QVC board that Mally’s 10 piece gloss set was up. I was waiting for it to pop up but didn’t know that they wouldn’t be full sized. So we shall see. And deeeen someone is having a blog sale Sunday! Gah LOL!!!!

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