Bath & Body Works 2 for $22 Candle Sale is Back!

3-Wick Candles 2 for $22 at Bath & Body Works!

We had such a great conversation last month (check it out here) about the BB&W candle sale.

I got eight candles for the first time last month and I am in love with them. They are so wonderful smelling that they make the whole house smell fantastic. I’m enjoying Cider Donut and Pumpkin Caramel Latte most of all. My husbands candle picks Autumn and Leaves smell great too! I picked up six more today online. Also you can get shipping for $1 on your order if you use the code FALLSHIP25! Yay!

Check this sale out if you need more or want to put your first order in! I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last but please check it out if you want a little Fall smell good in your place.


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  1. Vetta says

    Not this go around! I will wait till next yearLol I got a total of 14 the l.last timeand I think iit will last me a while. I’m glad you like them. I do too! :-)

  2. Ellie says

    What?!!? I just picked up a backup of Sweater Weather last week at full price because I was convinced it would sell out before another sale. Checking this sale out online right now. You always have the scoop Crystal!

  3. Dee says

    These candles are great. The “throw” of scent (candle lingo) is not as concentrated as some of the more pricy, (read that beaucoup $$$$ brands) but at 2 for $22 they are most definitely a delight. I light two in a room and the scents are so appealing.

    It’s a win:win! Always our girl lookin’ out for us.

  4. says

    Ish like this is why I cannot be great lol. I’m itching to get in there and pick up some fall and soon to be winter goodies I usually get every year. My wallet on the other hand is like hoe have a seat!

  5. Dee says

    We all know you’re wonderful! I’m going to start writing more often…I was a little shy at first. Now I’m let loose. I’m in Manhattan, the City is choked, you hear me!!! I’m heading out in my finery in gorgeous silver and blue tones of eye make-up and liner. Happy Columbus Day everyone.

  6. Andrea says

    I just bought 4 of them !!! and I used a retailmenot coupon with 20% off plus 1$ shipping and so happy! thanks Crystal !!! here is the code NEWFAVE exp today

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