Becca Glossy Lip Tint-Grenadine

I picked up my first lip tint gloss from Becca a while ago and just like all the other Becca products that I’ve tried, I LOVE IT! Take a look….

















Grenadine is described as a deep berry shimmer on the Becca website. One of the other things I like is the light strawberry scent that is infused in the gloss. I love the shine and the fact that I don’t feel like its a sticky gloss. The wear time is good, about 4 hours with minimal touch ups after pasta meals and a few drinks. The applicator is nice and you can get the desired application amount with one dip into the tube. I tried this gloss over a few lipsticks as well and it really ups the shine factor and gives a pretty sheen to some of my favorite lipsticks from my stash.

There are over 20 pretty Glossy Lip Tint ($23 each) shades available on the Becca website. I would like to try a few more colors myself but take a look if you haven’t been there already and see if something catches your eye.

Rated A

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    I ADORE this shade – its one of my favourite glosses! They do a peachy, spearkly one called Daiquiri which is also fantastic and I love how they seem to stick around for ages without being super sticky!

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