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  1. says

    so happy to see a tarte video!! i’m just getting into their products and totally value your opinion. lusting over the powder foundation & that butter lipstick…amazing!

      • says

        i’m super surprised you said that, actually! i’m glad to hear that because i’ve never found a good colour match in the BM powders (which is insane, considering their colour range). i’ll be looking into the tarte one asap!

        • says

          I hope there is a color match for you. I’ve heard that a lot from people actually they say there isn’t a fit and the BE rep tells them to mix two shades. Like that makes sense. Buy two powder foundation uhhh nope!

  2. Niki T. says

    I’m obsessed with the two Tarte products I’ve tried so far (the Gifted mascara and emphasEYES high-definition eye pencil). I’ve been wearing the Gifted mascara for a few years now and I haven’t been able to try anything else, it’s just too amazing but after watching your video, I now have the courage (lol) to try Lights Camera Lashes! I’ve been wanting to try more of their products but they are a little pricey so it takes me longer to get to it. Now I want to try everything! lol. Thank you so much for this video!!

    • says

      I’m so glad you liked the video. I can understand how trying a new mascara can be risky. I hope you like the Lights Camera Lashes one. I feel like it brings out more lashes (cause some of those suckers hide for some reason on me) somehow. Take your time the good stuff they keep around forever. I got the newer mascara Lights Camera Splashes I think in the gold tube and I don’t think it’s as good.

  3. FRANCESCA says

    Hi dear
    I am from Rome ; Italy and I do love your videos. Thanks for all of them . You are so nice and Max too . My boyfriend also love your videos being a dogs lover!! So I call him everytime Max appears ;-)
    With reference to this last post/video Would you be so kind to tell me how/where I can by Tarte? Unfortunately they do not ship to Italy and here it is nowhere but I would definitely like to try something.
    Thanks for your kind help

    • says

      You should contact customer service on their website ( go to the contact area at the bottom of the page on the left) for help. They only ship to a few countries and they have an area for you to email their customer service team for information thanks!

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